Rebecca Braglio

Rebecca Braglio is the Community Engagement Manager for and the voice behind the Pet360 blog.  Although she went to law school and later became a criminal defense attorney, her true love was always pets – especially dogs.  After becoming the proud parent of a Yorkshire Terrier named Dash, she created her own blog called, “The Philly Dog” to showcase pet-friendly Philadelphia and to have an outlet to discuss Dash’s struggles with severe separation anxiety.

Upon graduating from Villanova School of Law, she began a 12 year career in criminal defense in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.  She began blogging in 2009 on and never looked back.  She has been featured as the Blogger of the Week by and was published in, in the FIDO Friendly Blog, and by Hyperlink, Inc. in “Beyond the Blog – The Best of ThePhillyDog – Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats”. has been recognized as a Top 20 Dog Sites of 2009 by and as one of the Top 25 Dog Bloggers of 2012 by Bel-Rea Tech.  She also a top 100 winner in the “Savvy in Social Media” category in building rapport and relationships in the community from Start-Up Nation.  She was also a featured speaker at Blogpaws Salt Lake City 2012 and a panelist at Barkworld 2012.

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