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5 Ways to Help Homeless Animals with Adopt-a-Pet

We have to admit something: we have to watch ourselves when it comes to looking at photos of shelter pets. It’s so, so easy to decide to just take a quick peek—just for a second—and see who’s up for adoption in our local area. You know the guilty pleasure: you do a quick search and start looking at photos and reading descriptions and imagining that maybe there IS room for just one more in your household.

One of our favorite places to peruse pet photos is, a site that has, at any given time, thousands of photos of adoptable cats and dogs, not to mention horses, hamsters, birds, bunnies, and a whole lot more.

Of course, we all know that, for all the joy of adoption, we can’t adopt every needy pet ourselves. We have to look for other ways to help pets and Adopt-A-Pet makes that easy. Here’s a list of five easy ways you can help homeless animals without spending a dime:

Like the Adopt-A-Pet Facebook page. Through the end of August, every new like of the organization’s Facebook page will generate a $1 donation to’s Veterinary Care Fund. It helps provide medical care to homeless animals so that they’ll soon be ready to seek a forever home of their own.

Twitter a Critter. Here’s a fun way to put the strength of social media to work for adoptable animals. Check the Twitter a Critter page and do a quick search for an adoptable animal then just click the Twitter tool to send a link to your followers. You never know who might be looking for a new pet!

Post a search box widget. Do you have a blog? You can post a free (easy) widget so your readers can do a search for adoptable pets. The site offers lots of options, whether you’d like to offer a search for dogs, cats, dogs and cats, or all animals.

Let your local shelter know about Adopt-a-Pet. Is your local shelter posting their adoptables on the site? Adopt-a-Pet offers a downloadable flyer you can give your local shelter or rescue to utilize the site to publicize adoptables.

Check the volunteer opportunities. Shelter and rescues post their volunteer needs on the site; you can do a quick search and find out who needs the help that you can provide, whether that’s a one-time effort or an ongoing commitment to help pets.

From social media promotion to hands-on volunteer efforts, every bit of assistance, no matter how small, helps animals in need of a home. is North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption web service. We help homeless pets at more than 13,600 animal shelters and rescues connect with the millions of potential adopters visit our website each month. To date, we’ve facilitated hundreds of thousands of lasting connections between great people and loving animals.

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