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Exclusive Interview with Canine Fashion Designer

Bark is the new black and dogs have officially hit the catwalk. Dog fashion is all the rage and this is no passing fad. Canines are copying their human counterparts, and what was once considered a fad has emerged as a trend and has now entered mainstream.

Did you know that New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology, heralded as one of the world’s leading higher educational facilities for fashion design, has been offering a certificate program in Pet Product Design and Marketing? One of the stars of dog fashion’s spotlight is Anthony Rubio. The award-winning pet couturier Anthony Rubio, who is the official designer of the gown and tuxedo for my dog’s Wigglebutt Wedding, recently granted Pet360 an exclusive interview.

Rubio is a man on a mission, all inspired by his love of fashion, art, and of course, a dog. His dog, Bandit, served as muse for many of the canine fashions that received major attention, awards, and a new found passion for this dynamic visionary. Rubio’s unique creations have been featured on TMZ, Perez Hilton, The Today Show, and more.

Rubio also was commissioned by Pepsi Co. in honor of the 2012 National Hispanic Heritage Month. He traveled to Pepsi Co’s headquarters where he spoke on his life, his culture, and of course, his art. He culminated the visit with a special canine couture fashion show featuring designs influenced by his Hispanic heritage culminating in a couture creation he has designed in honor of this company and this occasion.

On June 28, 2013, Rubio’s custom tuxedo and bridal gown will don the “Wigglebutt Wedding” couple, Dexter and Zoe, the former who happens to be my pooch. To raise money and awareness of Cocker Spaniels in need of their forever homes, my dog, formally paw-proposed to his girlfriend, Zoe, a Cocker Spaniel who was rescued by Life’s Little Paws the day she was scheduled to be euthanized. What started as a labor of love has blossomed into a truly viral outpouring of support.

The Wigglebutt Wedding is formal and we are planning a wonderful time, complete with media coverage, dinner, drinks, dancing, DJ, silent auction, sponsor tent, raffles, surprises, and more.

In this exclusive interview, which took place March 31, 2013, in Stratford, Connecticut, Anthony Rubio reveals the man behind the magic, what he says to people who just do not understand canine fashion, and where he gets his inspiration. So kick back, rest your paws, and enjoy this interview.

Carol Bryant

Carol Bryant

"A dog lover of the highest order,” is how Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant when she and her Cocker Spaniel appeared on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King show to dish dogs. She is founder of her own canine-centric magazine-style dog blog, Fidose of Reality,

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