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Which Dog Breed is Your Favorite Character from Dexter?

After eight spectacular, slicingly fabulous seasons, Dexter the television show made its final cut (final episode) on the Showtime Network on September 22, 2013. Equally as delicious are the series of books by Jeff Lindsay, which of course, inspired the series.

Michael C. Hall portrays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst by day, and vigilante serial killer by night. The show is tense, dramatic, consuming, and brilliantly written. My dog, Dexter, is named after the lead character. One of the finest opening sequences in TV history can be seen as Dexter airs every Sunday night. The music, close up shots, and surprising reveal of the boy next door emerging from his safely guarded cocoon are all a part of the brilliance that is Dexter.

Over the course of eight seasons, there have been many bad guys, and a few bad girls. The cast is stellar and second to none, which lends itself well to this week’s Dog Appeal column. In the canine world, which dogs would be most like the characters from the Dexter television show? Here we present the dogs of Dexter.

1 Dexter Morgan: Cocker Spaniel

The protagonist of the show, he is dark and brooding, yet affable and friendly. An inquisitive quality by nature, ladies want to be with him and the guys want to be like him. He is charming and smooth, yet he has a mysterious quality that is revealed in the thickness of the night. My dog carries the namesake for life. Dexter Morgan is a Cocker Spaniel.


2 Debra Morgan: Greyhound

Dexter’s half sister and a cop by nature, she struggles with her identity and her role in Dexter’s life season after season. Smooth and cunning, a bit of a potty mouth yet loyal, Debra is a Greyhound. Greyhounds are loyal and sociable but very prey driven, just like Debra’s character as the seasons evolved.

3 Angel Batista: Giant Schnauzer

With his salt and pepper coloring, Angel Batista is a detective in Miami Metro Police Department’s Homicide Division. Known for his trilby hat and on-again, off-again relationships, Angel is a pal to all and reserved with strangers. The same can be said for the Giant Schnauzer, with his dense coat and leery attitude towards new people. Vigilant and courageous sums up both Angel and the Giant Schnauzer.

4 Vince Masuka: Chihuahua

Lead forensics investigator, his bawdy humor lends itself well to somber crime scenes. Often heard cracking jokes and slightly off-color innuendo, Masuka is most like a Chihuahua. The breed is generally fearless, self-assured, and must be socialized properly in order to play well with others.

5 Joey Quinn: Narcotics and then Homicide Division Detective: Kerry Blue Terrier

Partner to Angel, love interest of Debra, “Quinn” is hot headed, a Casanova, and the wild child of the bunch. When not taking dirty deals or falling in love with strippers, Quinn’s heart belongs to Deb. He is smart but easily corrupted. Quinn is most like a Kerry Blue Terrier.  The Kerry Blue, according to AKC standard, is an outgoing and playful dog, but they may not be the best choice for homes with small pets. Owners should not be indulgent or submissive, as the Kerry Blue will dominate. Quinn is oh-so-very-much like a Kerry Blue Terrier.

6 Ice Truck Killer aka Brian Moser/Rudy Cooper:  Great Dane

Dexter’s brother and the villain of Season One, “Biney” is dark, mysterious, poses as an orthopedic specialist but harbors a very dark side. Biney is most like a Great Dane: spirited and appearing gentle, but noted to not always get along well with other pets. Bred for their endurance, courage, and speed, much like “BIney” the Great Dane is strong and can be expensive to maintain.

7 Harry Morgan: Golden Retriever

Dexter’s dad, who serves as Dexter’s spiritual guide from beyond throughout the series, he is ever protective and guides his son along his murderous tendencies. As the provider of Dexter’s code for “dismissing” someone from the face of the earth, it is Harry who keeps Dexter on track.  Harry is most like a Golden Retriever: A loyal family dog that is sociable, trustworthy, and loyal.

8 James Doakes: Rottweiler

Spoiler alert! Doakes served as sergeant on a case and always sensed there was something “off” about Dexter Morgan. Overpowering and pushy, his frustration towards Dexter eventually leads him to go on the attack. He is loyal but tormented. However, with the right person in his life, this bad boy could have been tamed. He is most like a Rottweiler: Self-assured, a tendency to become bossy, affectionate but reserved.

Are you a fan of the show Dexter and if so, is your dog like any of the characters? Bark at me in the comments below, right after you enjoy my Dexter video tribute. Slice on!



Carol Bryant

Carol Bryant

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