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Celebrity Pet Profile: Schmitty the Weather Dog

There are many celebrity pets in the world, but how many have a job of their own? It's fairly common for celebrity pets to be actors, but one insightful canine I know is a weather forecaster. That’s pretty darn unique. 

This pooch is Schmitty the weather dog, who hails from the Big Apple and predicts climate changes along with her trusty human companion and meteorologist, Ron Trotta.

I first got to know Schmitty during my time providing media coverage for the Westminster Kennel Club (WKC) Annual Dog Show. While sitting in the pressroom, I looked over to see a smartly dressed couple with their even more smartly dressed Yorkshire terrier (that would be Schmitty). Year after year Ron, Schmitty, her human mom Elly McGuire and I would congregate at Westminster and other events like BlogPaws.

Schmitty has a very important role in being the official weather dog for WKC and was even profiled for CNN by Jeanie Moos. As I missed Westminster 2015, I was enthused to recently see Schmitty’s cheerful face adorned with glamorous in pink sunglasses gracing the cover of the most recent Hamptons Pet magazine. Seeing Schmitty inspired me interview her and Elly McGuire for the column. See our Q&A, below. 

Q: Tell me more about you (Schmitty). Where are you from? Who do you currently share your home with?

A: Arf-arf, Dr. Patrick. Schmitty The Weather Dog here. I was born in Tom's River, New Jersey, in the home of a wonderful lady who breeds Yorkshire Terriers. She has since passed on. I was introduced to my new two-legged parents at a train station in New Jersey when I was around 14 weeks old and it was love at first site.

I'm kinda tiny—just under four pounds. Humans on the street keep asking my pet parents if I'm a "tea cup" Yorkie. My two-legged folks tell them that the term "tea cup" is really a term that is used by not so nice humans trying to sell puppies and just say I'm on the smaller side. I think I was the smallest pup in my litter. I hear that they used to call that the "runt" of the litter, but I don't like that word. My two-legged folk just think I'm special!

I now have a companion pup names Pudge. She's my, "sister from another mister," BOL (bark out loud). She's from a breeder in Long Island and is a bit bigger with Rockette legs. She is a lot of fun, but I also have to keep her in line. She likes to play ruff sometimes. Since Pudge now travels everywhere with us visiting schools all across the country, my two-legged folks call Pudge my "entourage," whatever that means! 

Q: How was it determined that you had such a prowess for determining weather?

A: During a cross-country trip, meteorologist Ron was forecasting the weather. One day in Minnesota, he decided to include me while forecasting the weather and he was much more accurate. I have a nose for the weather, arf-arf! From then on, we've been a weather team. In fact, we are the weather team for Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, The National Science Teachers Association and The National Association of Elementary School Principals. Quite an honor for a four-pound pup!

There is even a children's book about me by Elly McGuire, called Schmitty The Weather Dog: Daydream, and it's all about me learning how to "pawcast" the weather to help my two-legged Dad get a weather job. Loosely based on my real life story, of course! Meteorologist Ron and I travel around the country visiting schools to inspire kids to get excited to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects using my book and music. 

Q: How can your fans follow your weather predictions?

A: You can find meteorologist Ron and moi, Schmitty The Weather Dog, "pawcasting" the weather on our You Tube channel, through my Twitter account, and of course on my website, where you can also catch us on the latest national Petco commercial and on the cover of the big summer issue of the Hamptons Pet magazine with a fun story and pics inside.

Q: I see you’ve got great fashion sense. Tell us: what inspires your canine-appropriate clothing and accessories?

A: As you may know, I'm the inspiration and spokesdog for the New Yorkie line of people and pet products. I'm very excited about working on a whole bunch of new products that you will soon be able to find added to my current trademark line of New Yorkie doggie tees, leashes, harnesses, etc.  

Q: What exciting activities are up next for you?

A: I'll be traveling the country with meteorologist Ron and Elly (my book author) for the new school year with my Schmitty The Weather Dog Weather/Science Assembly. Who knew learning can be so much fun!  We will be pawcasting the weather once again for the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in February, and then on to Nashville, Tennessee from March 31st through April 3rd to do the weather for the National Science Teachers Association Conference. Every day is an adventure!

Thank you Schmitty, Ron and Elly for contributing to this interview. I hope to see you at Westminster 2016.

Photo information: Team Schmitty The Weather Dog (Meteorologist Ron Trotta, Schmitty The Weather Dog and author Elly McGuire) pose after an assembly in Central Falls, RI.

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Patrick Mahaney, VMD

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