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Katy Perry’s Music Video Causes PETA Uproar

Although PETA is not an organization traditionally known to be quiet about issues pertaining to animal rights, it appears as though they have been in overdrive when it comes to celebrities and pets lately.

Recently, PETA criticized the Obama family for their purchase of a Portuguese Water Dog from a breeder. Now they're going after another public figure.

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Katy Perry’s Hit Song Stirs Up Controversy

PETA has lashed out against Katy Perry’s use of wild animals in her new video for her massive hit single Roar (one of my new favorite jogging and motivational songs).

The Huffington Post detailed PETA’s response about the presence of monkeys, tarantulas, elephants, and other animals in Perry’s jungle-themed video. “Animals used for entertainment endure horrific cruelty and suffer from extreme confinement and violent training methods," a representative for PETA told the Daily Star. "They often become stressed and anxious when hauled around and forced into unfamiliar or frightening situations."

Additionally, PETA states that the organization which supplied the animals for the Roar video is being closely scrutinized for their activities. Evidently, "The Serengeti Ranch, the animal exhibitor that we believe supplied the animals for the 'Roar' video, has been inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture 22 times since 2001."

In the past, Perry has been on PETA’s good side, as she and her ex-husband, Russell Brand, have been highly regarded for living a vegetarian lifestyle.

Safety for the Animals Featured in Media Productions

When animals are used as part of a media production, there are strict rules about their caretaking during the pre and post-filming process. On many shoots, there is a representative from the American Human Association (AHA) to ensure the set’s compliance to Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media.

I had my own concerns about the safety of animals onset when I interviewed Animal Savvy’s Sarah Clifford about the responsibilities she and Omar von Muller undertook in managing the training, on camera work, and media appearances of Uggie, the Jack Russell Terrier from the Academy Award-winning move, The Artist.  In the film, there are scenes where Uggie’s health could be put at risk, including spending  time around the lead (human) character’s cigarettes. Fortunately, Clifford assuaged my fears by reporting that the cigarettes used in The Artist are “movie cigarettes” that produce minimal smoke and are deemed safe under the AHA’s guidelines.

As for Perry's new video, would it have been more acceptable to PETA for Perry to have used CG (Computer Generated) animal actors instead of real-live ones for her Roar video. Would Perry’s presence against a green-screen backdrop of animals that are exclusively computer generated be believable to her fan? In general, I find CG animals to be quite annoying and unbelievable (especially CG animals). Yet, my tune would change if I knew for sure that real animals were not suffering from any harm or potential cruelty by spending time of set.

Will future videos featured on Perry’s upcoming Prism album, from which Roar is the lead single, also feature live or CG animals?  Such is not yet known, but I’ll be anxiously waiting to see considering that I am a big fan of Perry’s music.

Perry’s video for Roar can be seen her via her YouTube page: Katy Perry- Roar (Official Video)

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