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Recently, I traveled with Rhone, my English Toy Spaniel, to Orlando, Florida for the American Pet Products Association Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest pet trade show. While there, I sought out new pet products that could help pet parents take better care of their furkids and that would also provide them with the biggest bang for their buck. Here is what Rhone and I sniffed out:

Options in Feline Litter Box Organization

Instead of visiting numerous cabinets, the utility closet or even the pantry, keep all of your cat’s litter box supplies in one place. The PurrfectOrder Litter Accessory Organizer ($19.99) is compartmentalized and designed to hold all litter accessories including scoops, liners, deodorizers and cleaning essentials. The attached VaporVault litter waste container, also priced at $19.99, is designed with a snap close lid to store the wasted until you are ready for its disposal. The odor-proof seal and the drawstring liners make it a simple, no mess task when it is time to empty.

And, if you are taking your pet on the road or prefer a more eco-friendly experience for kitty, consider a Litter One kit ($19.95)-a 100% Decomposable Litter Box, Scoop and Waste Bags. The Litter One kits are equipped with a patented method for the removal of cat urine from a litter box. The unique manufacturing process of the all Natural Pine Pellets used in Litter One kits allows the pellets to dissolve into sawdust when they come in contact with urine. Litter One's "False Floor" allows the sawdust to fall through the perferated false floor. Moreover, it keeps your cat from stepping on soiled litter and provides a cleaner home for both of you. The box lasts month. The Company even has an autoship option.

Feed the Breed

Just like people need specific diets so do our dogs and cats. Royal Canin is leading the way in creating breed specific diets. Royal Canin created six formulas for some of the most popular breeds, including: Labrador Retriever, the most popular AKC registered dog for 22 years. The Company makes a formula that help maintain healthy weight, joints and coat, and include a unique kibble shape that helps prevent gulping and encourage chewing. There is also a Formula that support the sensitive digestive system of an English Bulldog, #6 on the AKC list, while promoting healthy skin and joints and shaped for their unique (brachycephalic) jaw. Cat’s had been forgotten either. There is also a formula for the popular Maine Coon that contains Omega 3s & Omega 6s to maintain healthy coat, glucosamine and chondroitin to maintain this larger cat’s bones and joints as well as a king-sized kibble to promote proper ingestion. Pet food is price $16+ at selected retaillers.

Toys Addressing Human and Pet Needs

The KONG Off/On Squeakers ($9.99) are made from their popular AirDog material and gives dogs a great work-out and allows pet parents to switch the squeaker on and off for loud fun or quiet play.

On the Move

Maintaining a cool environment is critical to ensure the health of pets while being transported. Traditional carriers do not make provisions to protect pets from the heat, but the Pet Cooler Carrier does just that; it provides a temperate and controllable environment to cool off animals while being transported. The unique design incorporates a watertight compartment for the inclusion of ice cubes or blocks. If the environment is too hot the ice will melt and cooling temperature is transferred into the carrier compartment below. The comfort of the animal can further be controlled with insulated heat shield curtains that are attached to the carrier. Lastly, as the ice melts, the animal can refresh itself from the melted water via a self-sealing water valve that connects to the ice compartment and the carrier chamber.  What a cool ride! $99.95+.

Pet Technology

Housebreaking can be a frustrating experience. Let PetSafe’s Train ‘n Praise Potty Training System help you. The automated treat dispenser reward your dog when he  use the pee pad. Dogs associate using the pee pads with treats and will likely repeat using the pads. Watch the video to see how it works.  $99.95

Another problem that pet parents have, especially if they live in multi-pet households, is that dogs eat the cat’s food.Cats and dogs have different nutritional needs and their food has been formulated to meet those needs. Moreover, cat food is higher in protein and fat and over time can make your dog have gastrointestinal issues. Thus, unwanted and expensive vet bills. To solve this feeding dilemma, consider the The Wonder Bowl Selective Feeder. Infrared sensors on the bowls and on special tags keep the animals from eating out of each other’s dish.  When a pet approach the feeding area, the unique tag will signal the lid on the bowl to open. WonderBowl Selective Feeder, $89.99; and WonderBowl Tag, $10.99. 

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