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A Wag Worthy Weekend in Boston, MA

When we aren’t travelling, Beau and I live in Boston, so we can tell you first hand (and paw) that in Boston we love our dogs and we’ll love your dog too! So bring him along the next time you head to ‘Beantown.’

Boston has long been referred to as a ‘walking town,’ meaning you can literally walk everywhere. This is a fantastic feature for a city to have when you travel with your leashed loved one. Not only that but your well behaved, leashed pup is welcome on Boston’s subway system, the ‘T’ as long as it isn’t rush hour or a busy holiday. Visit the Traveling With a Pet page at MBTA for all the details. 

Between walking and the T access getting to the Boston Common for a romp at the public off leash dog area (near Joy Street) is easy.

The area also boasts the Public Garden where you can visit the ducks of the iconic children’s book, ”Make Way for Ducklings.” The area also features the Esplanade where you can walk, picnic, or take in a free concert on the banks of the famous ‘Muddy Water’ of the Charles River. Another great option is to head to the Commonwealth Mall where you can stroll among the classic brownstones of Boston’s elite.

Your choices are seemingly endless when it comes to choosing a pet-friendly route through the city. However, if you only have one or two afternoons to introduce your pup to Boston, we have a soft spot in our hearts for the Beacon Hill and Back Bay neighborhoods. (While you are in Beacon Hill, keep an eye out for that handsome red-head Beau, this is the neighborhood he calls home and he’s something of a local celebrity here; they know him at every retailer who hands out dog biscuits, the hardware store, the dry-cleaners and the local market).

Hungry (For More Than Kibble)?

It’s so like us to think of food first.

If you have a pup that can wait patiently leashed on the patio for you while you go in and place your order then find a sidewalk table at one of our favorite little patisseries, Café Vanille in Beacon Hill. Casual offerings coffee, tea, and pastries can be enjoyed on their patio located on a bustling village corner surrounded by classic Beacon Hill brick buildings overlooking the charming Charles Street. It is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a nibble with some great people and for puppy watching. You’ll be amazed at the amount of dogs that call Beacon Hill home, but it will explain why there’s a water bowl every two or three shops and two pet boutiques in one block.

Ok, alternative number two for pups (like Beau) who really don’t like to wait outside alone; you can head over to Newbury Street in the Back Bay neighborhood. Here you will find plenty of outdoor dining and although some will tell you that dogs are not allowed on the patios (citing the City of Boston Health Code). If you ask different sidewalk hosts or hostesses they might be able to make an exception, just this once for your well behaved angel. You’ll most likely be able to find one or two who are willing. 

However, if your angel is feeling a little less than angelic on this particular day, please be considerate of the other patrons and grab a doggie bag. All of us, when we travel with our pets have taken on the mission of representing pet-toting travelers everywhere and need to set a standard of responsible behavior when we do so.

Thirsty (For Affection)?

Now, for that puppy who was so well behaved at lunch, if you continue to stroll down Newbury Street you will find one of Beau’s favorite (I’m not exaggerating) places in the world the Fish and Bone a wonderful pet boutique located at 217 Newbury Street. Open every day 9:30-6:30 (and I’ve seen them open later) not only will they lavish sincere affection (because believe me dogs can tell) on your pup, but they carry the most wonderful selection of toys, treats, specialty organic and raw food diets gift items for your pet or the pet-lover in your life. They do this in truly an educated, effortless, and artistic presentation. It encourages you to linger.

We just love the Fish and Bone and I think you will too. Say hello to Kathy and Zip and tell them Beau from LuxuryPAW sent you.

Time to PLAY!

After all that walking wouldn’t it feel nice to submerge your tired muscles into warm soothing water and have a Hydro massage? I’m talking to the dog here… the  Red Dog Resort & Spa is just the place. They offer a 30 minute Hydro massage for the pup at $35. In addition to the water therapy offerings, Red Dog offers both fitness and fun swims in their heated pools which are exciting and rejuvenating ways to treat your dog to the joys of swimming. Sessions are approximately 20 minutes or 30 minutes long and include splashing in the water and directed play with their Fitness Practitioner.

Sessions are by appointment only so please call ahead. Canine members of the same family can swim in a group for even more fun at a very affordable rate between $25 and $35 per session.

One Pooped Pup? Nighty-Night  & Sweet Puppy Dreams!

When it comes to finding a pet-friendly hotel in Boston there are so many wonderful and varied choices. Just a sampling; the city offers three pet-friendly hotels including the Kimpton Hotels, multiple Westin Hotels, a new W Hotel offering their trademark, "Whatever Whenever" concierge services and the traditional Boston classics - The Four Seasons Boston, and The Boston Harbor Hotel.

However, Beau and I are partial to an elite few; XV Beacon ,the Taj Boston, and the Mandarin Oriental Boston and all three are in the Beacon Hill or Back Bay neighborhood. If we had to choose one of these three, I’m sure Beau would go with XV Beacon (and hey, who am I to argue?). XV Beacon is a fashionable boutique hotel with a wonderful pet program, but Beaus favorite part of the XV Beacon pet program is Heidi, the resident Burmese Mountain Dog.   Always a fan with the ladies! If you see Heidi tell her Beau sends a big (wet/sloppy) kiss and watch her tail start wagging!

Happy Tails to You Wherever You May Roam,

Janine & Beau