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Lil’ Angel or Lil’ Devil?

By: Kelly Lange

Do you have an angelic pet that’s capable of doing devilish deeds? I sure do! That’s why I had so much fun decking my Louis out as a cute lil’ devil with our new Facebook app. You’ll have a blast dressing your pet up as a lil’ angel, lil’ devil or even a lil’ of both! To give it a try for yourself, click here. You'll also get the chance to enter to win $1,000 of dreamy gifts hand-selected for you and your pet!


Like many pet parents, I occasionally come home to find that my sweet little boy has gotten into mischief while I was at work. It’s hard to imagine such an angelic pooch being capable of wreaking such havoc, but believe me…he has his moments!


Bathroom doors are no longer left open when Louis is home alone because the trash can is equivalent to a treasure chest of gold in his eyes. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother making the bed in the morning because Louis has no problem tearing the pillows and sheets off in order to find the perfect spot to take a mid-afternoon nap. And I can always tell when Louis is feeling envious of the “work” person I seem to spend so much time with because he scatters my belongings throughout the apartment – shoes in the hallway, mail on the dining room floor, even clothes in the kitchen! He really can be such a lil’devil!


Don’t get me wrong. Louis’ mischievous days are few and far between. 98% of the time he’s a perfectly behaved pup full of love and sweetness. His favorite pastimes consist of playing fetch, snuggling on the couch and following mommy around the house. I couldn’t ask for a better bud!


And let’s be honest…Louis’ devilish behavior puts a smile on my face and makes me love him even more!