The Story of James Bowen and Bob the Cat

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Story of James Bowen and Bob the Cat

Rescued pets offer so much to us and it’s a lesson that James Bowen learned when he rescued a sick and injured street cat he named Bob.

Bowen most likely needed rescuing just as much as Bob, as when he found the feline, he was a drug addict hitting rock bottom.

The London resident made his living by being a street musician, playing his guitar on the streets (it’s calling ‘busking’ in England). When he took in Bob, he took the cat to a vet and while Bob began his healing, so did Bowen.

''The day he followed me on the bus I thought hello, this isn't right! Then he started going to work with me, and just all of a sudden I wasn't invisible to the crowds when busking,'' Bowen told

Bob was an instant hit with Bowen’s fans, which began growing when the feline made his appearances with Bowen.

Bowen taught Bob to high five and Bowen says, “'I have to be honest, my earnings did increase a lot!”

The crowds weren’t the only ones noticing Bowen and Bob, a literary agent took notice and encouraged Bowen to write about his life and how the homeless kitty helped save his life.

“A Street Cat Named Bob: And How he Saved my Life” became an international best seller and is also now available in the U.S. The book has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide so far.

He is now penning a second book and there is even talk of a movie deal. Bowen sums up his incredible luck by saying, “I can never repay what he's done for me, he's paid back my kindness a million billion fold.'' 

Editor’s Note: Photo of the book cover by Thomas Dunne Books.

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