4 Fun Bedtime Games for Cats

4 Fun Bedtime Games for Cats

Just as you’re settling down for the night, your cat decides it’s time to rustle papers and run around. Or, maybe your feline decides that 3 AM is the right time to paw at you while you’re asleep. Young cats (under a year) can be the worst culprits of driving their owners crazy from sleep deprivation. Sound familiar?

These games for cats will get them moving before you hit the hay. Four of our favorite cat games for you to play together include:

1. Mountain Climb

Get ready. This one involves some exercise for you too. Grab a shoelace and start jogging around the house dragging it behind you. We love doing this up and down the steps. Extra cardio for everyone! Be sure to let your cat capture her toy every now and then. It'll make her feel satisfied and give you a chance to catch your breath!

2. Crinkle

You know the plastic ring that's really annoying to get off of cottage cheese and other round supermarket containers? With supervision, it makes an amazing cat toy. Save it for special play sessions. Get it out, be sure to crinkle it, and drag it back and forth like you would a string-toy. When your cat pounces, stand back and let him have it! The shape and the noise make it fun for your cat to bat around on his own. When he tires, drag it again to get him motivated.

3. iPad Time

If you're REALLY tired, you can let your cat sit with an iPad for a few minutes. Try the free Friskies iPad apps for cats. Our favorite is Cat Fishing. When your cat pins a fish on-screen, it wriggles like a real one would!

4. Hide and Seek

Try a toy that speaks to your cat's natural hunting instincts like the SmartCat Peek a Prize Toy Box. This box keeps your cat's favorite mice and balls inside, where she can see them, but she has to dig them out herself. You can even add a few cat treats to get her started.

Beyond Normal Restlessness

See if these tricks help after your cat gets into a bedtime routine. If not, your cat could be suffering from an underlying medical issue. If you think this may be the case, bring him to a vet to rule it out.

Image by Flickr user @SoraZG