Kitten Recovering After Loss of Three Feet

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kitten Recovering After Loss of Three Feet

It’s rough being a feral newborn kitten out in the elements. Feral kittens not only have to brave the outdoor elements, but they often fall victim to predators. 

Some sort of a predator attack is apparently what happened to Mercury, a newborn kitten taken to the veterinarian for the Community Cat Coalition of Edmond, who then asked their top bottle feeder to help keep the little guy, who didn’t even have his eyes open yet, alive.

According to the coalition’s Facebook page, poor Mercury is missing one front leg completely, the other front leg is partially missing and his back foot is missing except for one toe. “We aren't sure what caused the damage to this little man, but the wounds were open and raw, so it is unlikely to be congenital,” they write.

Since his rescue on September 7th, Mercury has gotten better, opening his eyes, purring for someone to cuddle with him and wiggling around for his milk in the YouTube video below, which may make him the next Internet kitten sensation.

The Community Cat Coalition of Edmond, Oklahoma says, “Our primary focus is to humanely and non-lethally reduce the numbers of free-roaming community cats in the City of Edmond by implementing a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program along with community outreach and education that addresses the value of community cats and the importance of spay/neuter.”

Thank you, CCCE, for taking such good care of Mercury and the community outreach work you do.

Editor’s Note: Photo of Mercury from the coalition’s Facebook page. 

Video from Edmond Cat's YouTube page

What do you think of Mercury?