5 Cat Costumes for Halloween

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 Cat Costumes for Halloween

Finding inventive cat costumes for Halloween may be challenging but with a little creativity, lots of supervision, and a willing participant, you can find the perfect get-up for your pet. Here are some of our favorites.

1. The Cowboy

For the cat that may not be as enthusiastic about her costume as you are, a cowboy outfit is a perfect compromise. A red bandana is all you need, fasten it securely around her neck and shoot a photo of her next to a full-sized cowboy hat. 

 2. The Bee

A small dog outfit can easily be made into a cat costume for Halloween, just be sure to check its sizing. The striped tank and black skirt can fit over his neck, chest and front legs. The transparent wings and flowers come with the costume, giving you several options for accessories.

 3. The Skunk

There's nothing cuter than animals dressed as other animals. To transform your cat into a skunk, simpley cut the sleeves off a child's black T-shirt and paint a white stripe down the back with fabric paint. Once it's completely dry, put it on your Pepe Le Pew!   

 4. The Clown

Clown costumes can be an easy DIY if you have any left-over party decorations in your home. Shape a piece of sturdy colored construction paper into cone and glue pom poms to the outer side and top to create a hat. Punch two holes on either end of the bottom of the hat and fasten with an elastic string that won’t be too tight around your cat’s head. If you want to make a collar, cut a brightly colored fringed banner to fit around her neck and fasten with string.

 5. The Vampire

Those love bites your cat gives you can take on new meaning with a Dracula costume. The cape from a small dog version shoudln't be too annoying to kitty. He'll probably keep it on long enough to spook at least a few people.

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Image via Flickr user evilfoo