Dogs Align with Magnetic Fields When Pooping, Study Finds

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dogs Align with Magnetic Fields When Pooping, Study Finds

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the seemingly random place your dog has done his business, like on the neighbor’s lawn or in the restricted area of the park, then you might have the earth’s magnetic field to blame and not your dog.

A recent study, published in Frontiers in Zoology detailed the two-year research that had scientists watching 5,582 pee breaks and 1,893 times in which dogs defecated.

The study, conducted in Germany and the Czech Republic, found that the 70 dogs in the research lined themselves with the earth’s magnetic fields.

When the earth’s magnetic fields were stable, the dogs would squat along the north-south axis and actively avoided the east-west axis. This is if the dogs weren’t inhibited by fences, fire hydrants or leashes.

It remains unclear why the dogs preferred the north-south axis.

This is the first study to prove magnetic sensitivity in dogs. For more information or to read the complete study, please visit

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