Keeping Your Black Cat (or Any Color Cat) Safe at Halloween

Keeping Your Black Cat (or Any Color Cat) Safe at Halloween

By: Mieshelle Nagelschneider, ACCBC, Cat Behaviorist

We’re all aware of the centuries-old bad luck superstition surrounding the black cat. It seems to have been embedded in our subconscious that should a black cat cross our path, most of us would have at least a fleeting thought of the bad luck myth. 

Some might even have feelings of impending doom. Being the owner of six cats, two of them black in color, one crossing my path several times a day is inevitable. Despite the thousands of years of black cat folklore, I’m happy to say, so far so good.  In fact, I am an advocate of the black cat because in city shelters they are the color of cat most likely to be euthanized because of the difficulty in adopting them out. 

I don’t consider myself superstitious, but if this were the case, I would make sure I investigated the myth and got the “facts” correct.  In many cultures and where the folklore originated, the black cat is actually considered good luck.  In the U.K., owning a black cat is lucky, but to have one cross your path warns of bad luck. However, if a black cat approaches you or a strange one appears on your front porch, good things are headed your way.

Unfortunately, because black cats have long been associated with Halloween and bad luck in our society, they are at higher risk of being victims of abuse this time of year. 

If your black cat is normally allowed outside, please keep him inside during Halloween.  Even if your cat is not black, it’s unsafe to let it outside with all the trick-or-treaters and the car traffic being at an all-time high. With all the ghastly costumes and commotion, your cat that is normally let outside during the day and returns at night, might be terrified to come back home.  If he does try and make his way, there is a greater chance of him being hit by a car. 

Again, this increased risk is true for any color of cat.

For Halloween this year, the safest place for cats of any color, is indoors.

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