Morris the Cat Runs for Mayor in Mexico

Friday, June 21, 2013

Morris the Cat Runs for Mayor in Mexico

I bet we’ve all thought of politicians as “rats” at one time or another.

So have the people in Xalapa, capital of the state of Veracruz, Mexico. That’s why they've nominated a cat to run for mayor.

Morris, a black-and-white feline is running under the promise he can “bring order and rid the city of rats.”

His campaign slogan is “Tired of Voting for Rats?”

If you think this is some type of a joke that hasn’t gained a lot of attention, think again, Morris has a campaign page on Facebook, which has gotten 136,000 likes to date, more than the human candidates in the race, according to local media as reported by TVNZ.

Sergio Chamorro, an office worker who adopted Morris last year, said he and some friends put Morris up for election.

"He sleeps almost all day and does nothing, and that fits the profile of a politician," said Chamorro.

Mexico has been plagued with drug wars in certain parts of the country and reports say the people have had enough of their current politicans.

Morris isn’t the only animal candidate. A donkey, chicken, dog and another cat are also running in other cities in Mexico.

While Morris’ candidacy may not be a joke to him, the officials in Mexico say that he will not be allowed on the ballot and on election day next month and that write in, or drawn pictures of the cat on ballots will not be counted.

Political mudslinging isn’t deterring his supporters. His Facebook page says the more Morris is defamed, the more important he becomes in the election.

Editor’s Note: Image of Morris from his Facebook page.

Do you think Morris could win?