Scottish Town Raises $8K to Build Statue of Cat

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Scottish Town Raises $8K to Build Statue of Cat

Cats that roam the streets are more likely to be chastised by people than made a celebrity. A tiny Scottish town has bucked that trend and erected a bronze statue to immortalize a cat named Hamish McHamish.

The kicker: Hamish is still alive and roaming the streets.

The people of St. Andrews, Fife, unveiled the statue of Hamish last Saturday after raising more than $8,000 to pay for the tribute — which seems only fair given the level of celebrity Hamish has garnered around town over the years. Hamish the cat has his own Facebook page, Twitter account, Wikipedia profile and was even the subject of some fan fiction.

Hamish doesn't seem to be letting his newfound international celebrity go to his head, though he has tweeted several times over the past few days about how he is not a stray cat (despite there being nothing wrong with strays). He's even started to make jokes about it:

Image: @hamishstandrews / via Twitter