5 Holiday Food Dos and Don'ts for Dogs and Cats

5 Holiday Food Dos and Don�ts for Dogs and Cats

Safe Holiday Foods for Dogs and Cats

When you gather around the holiday table more than likely, your four-legged fam will be joining you as well. Even if it means patiently waiting for a morsel to fall. After all, they enjoy feasting too. And while not all holiday foods are kosher for our animal pals, there are some foods you and your house guests can use to treat them.


As long as it's boneless, skinless, and cooked, a little nibble of turkey shouldn't harm your furry friend.

Mashed Potatoes

Not dangerous in and of itself, but be careful if you have added any extra ingredients to the mash (cheese, sour cream, or gravy). 

Cranberry Sauce

This holiday favorite is safe for most pets, but it can also be too high in sugar, so make sure you give only small amounts and observe reactions. 

Mac and Cheese

Although it's not how your mom makes it, it's best to offer your pet just the macaroni. They will love the plain pasta all the same. 

Green Beans

As long as you're not offering green beans that have mixed with other ingredients (such as a green bean casserole), this low-sodium treat is an otherwise nutritious holiday leftover for your pet.

Dangerous Holiday Foods for Dogs and Cats


Nothing with alliums should be given to your pet. This includes onions, garlic, leeks, and scallions.


This fruit (and its dried out version, the raisin) can be highly toxic to pets. In fact, it has been shown to cause kidney failure in dogs.


Avoid giving your pet any foods made with this artificial sweetener, as it can be poisonous to your furry friend.


Be safe and forgo giving your pet any chocolate (or foods containing chocolate) to your pet, especially baking chocolate.


If your fruit cake recipe calls for rum or some other alcoholic ingredient, keep it away from your pet. Even foods such as unbaked bread dough could send your pet to the Animal ER with alcohol poisoning. 

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