Abused Dogs up for Adoption

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Abused Dogs up for Adoption

It goes against all reason for animal lovers how some people can treat helpless animals, but it is the cases of abuse against the very young and the very old that are most disturbing.

This week, there was a pit bull puppy found crying in a dumpster in Baltimore, the dog dubbed Freckles had also been starved and dragged behind a vehicle.

According to Dogster, Freckles is thought to be under one year old and is now being cared for by Noah’s Ark Rescue in South Carolina.

In another horrific act of neglect and abuse a black lab, thought to be between 8-11 years old, was tied to a rock in a creek in Pennsylvania, where it would have drowned once the tide rose.

According to Sergeant Thomas Gaffney of the Bristol Police Department, the dog, now named Brooke, shows signs of years of abuse.

“At some point she was somebody's pet. She provided somebody with love, and then this is the end result? It's ridiculous," Gaffney told NBC10.

The owners, if found, will only likely face a fine if they have no prior record of animal abuse.

The latest from the Bucks County SPCA Facebook page indicates Brooke is doing well and they have had an outpouring of support from around the world.

These cases have made national headlines due to their heinous nature.

In another recent case, a German Shepherd was thrown from an overpass onto the road below in Kansas City, only surviving with two shattered front legs and broken teeth because she landed in a snow bank.

In each of these cases, intense media attention has led to donations for the animal’s care, as well as an influx of adoption applications. People fall in love with the story and want to be a part of the resulting rescue.

This is a good thing, for sure. These animals, all of whom are requiring thousands of dollars for medical care, most likely could not receive that care from struggling shelters and rescues if not for the donations.

However, people should also stop and consider there are many, many abused and neglected animals that aren’t getting the spotlight in shelters right in their neighborhoods.

Nice puppies people didn’t have patience for housetraining or didn’t train at all that would just need a little work and socialization; senior dogs who were long ago thrown into the backyard and forgotten who just want to give a few more years of love to someone and be touched by a kind, loving hand; dogs who were given too little to eat and then taken and dropped off at the shelter.

Shelters are full of them, so if you know you can provide a loving home for life and you say, “I would like to adopt that cat or dog” you see profiled on a news story, think about opening your home up to another animal that needs you just as much who isn’t getting the media attention.

I guarantee that you will never regret it.

Editor’s Note: Photo of Brooke from the Bucks County SPCA Facebook page.

Have you ever thought about adopting an abused or neglected pet you saw on the news?