Actor Leo Grillo’s No-Kill Rescue DELTA Helps Abandoned Pets

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Actor Leo Grillo’s No-Kill Rescue DELTA Helps Abandoned Pets

Actor Leo Grillo had a dream nearly 35 years ago to put an end to people dumping their animals in the rural areas outside of Los Angeles, Calif.

He soon realized that the dream would not come true, but figured he could at least help the animals he found.

That’s when he established DELTA (Dedication & Everlasting Love to Animals) Rescue, the largest care-for-life rescue in the country.

The animals at DELTA are not rehabilitated or adopted out. They’re all unwanted animals Grillo has recovered himself and vowed to keep safe. Unless they are in pain, quit eating or will not interact with their handlers, they are allowed to live out their natural lives sheltered in custom made dog houses with private pools, plenty of food, on staff full time veterinarian care and lots of love.

The shelter houses 1,500 cats, dogs and horses and at 65 years old retirement doesn’t seem to be an option for Grillo.

According to a story reported by the Associated Press, the actor, who is better known for his animal welfare endeavors than his roles, manages the sanctuary, which is located on 115 acres outside of Los Angeles. The facility has 50 employees, its own fire department and veterinary hospital.

The sanctuary also doesn’t take in strays people bring to him; however, for Grillo there doesn’t seem to be an end ever to the misery and suffering of homeless animals. "It sucks the life out of me. It's very, very painful," he told a reporter.

DELTA’s annual budget is $8 million and Grillo has had to make a few changes in the way he raises funds, such as converting his fundraising from Direct Mail to electronically over the Internet.

Grillo admits he is obsessed with his passion for animals and even produced a documentary called, "The Rescuer, A Story of Obsession."

Grillo is living the life many animal rescuers can only dream about. How many times have we heard “You can’t save them all…” Well, it appears Grillo is trying.

Image via D.E.L.T.A Rescue's Facebook page

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