Blind and Deaf Dogs Act as Each Other's Eyes and Ears

Friday, August 9, 2013

Blind and Deaf Dogs Act as Each Other�s Eyes and Ears

Ending up in a shelter is not optimal for any animal and can even mean a death sentence for millions every year, especially pets with any type of a disability.  

However, for two dogs, one that is deaf and another that is blind, ending up in the shelter may have been one of the luckiest things that ever happened to them.

Eve is a deaf Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. A postman found her on Christmas Eve nearly frozen to death in a snow drift.

Dillon is a blind Border Collie mix. He was left at a kennel by his former owners and never picked up.

The two both landed in an animal shelter in Bear Valley, Calif., according to ABC News.

The two seem to sense that the other needs sight or hearing so they work together to provide for one another.

"They are perfect for one another in the way they watch out for one another," Zach Skow, executive director with Marley’s Mutts Shelter told ABC affiliate KERO. "Each has never been more at ease than when they are together."

It’s typically difficult for any rescue to find a home for one dog with a disability, but Marley’s Mutts wanted to make sure that these two were adopted together.

They took to social media and Shelley Scudder finally succumbed to the duo’s canine cuteness.

"I think they're going to enjoy their lives together here,” Scudder said.

Editor’s Note: Photo of Dillon and Eve from Zach Skow/Caters News Agency.  

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