Bow-Legged Pit Bull on the Mend, Needs Home

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bow-Legged Pit Bull on the Mend, Needs Home

If there was ever a success story of how social media can help rescues, the story of Jones is it.

We first told you the story of Jones back in June. The poor Pit Bull was found curled up under a car in the rough Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles.

He spent the next few days hiding in his kennel at the shelter, facing the back of his cage. He was so afraid, he didn’t want to face anyone and just wanted the world to go away.

Sasha Rose, an animal advocate, did notice him, but it wasn’t until they tried to get him from his kennel that they realized Jones had a severe leg deformity. Rose took him anyway, she’s known for taking the hardest cases and she posted his story to social media.

Jones needed an experimental surgery that would cost over $3,700 per leg, an undertaking that could bankrupt her rescue efforts.

However, Jones became a cause celeb and the surgery was a success, just look at the “after” photo of Jones!

Once too afraid to come out of his kennel, his foster home has also fixed his broken spirit.

Described as “great with other dogs and a little shy at first but very sweet,” Jones is now up for adoption in the Los Angeles area.

Please contact Rose at [email protected] if you are interested and you feel you might qualify to give Jones his new forever home.

Editor’s note: Photos of Jones courtesy of Sasha Rose.

What do you think of Jones’ amazing transformation?