Is Adopting Puppies Wrong?

Is Adopting Puppies Wrong?

Adopting a Puppy: Better or Worse than Adopting a Dog?

Choosing to adopt a dog is no more or less admirable be it an adult dog or a puppy. The fact is you’re still saving a life. By taking a dog home from the animal shelter you’ve made space for another adoptable dog to have a chance at their forever home. So don’t feel bad about wanting a puppy versus an adult dog. 

In fact, certain regions where backyard breeding and puppy mill legislation is lacking, shelters are actually over run with puppies. This is to the degree that the lucky ones are shipped to other geographic locations to increase their chances of being adopted. That being said, where you live will ultimately determine how available puppies in shelters will be. There are, however, quite a few puppy rescue programs out there that accommodate shelters and adopters looking for puppies.

How to Adopt a Puppy

As an adopter there are a few things you should consider when choosing to adopt a puppy from out of state. You need to be mindful of how transporting can affect adoption fees as well as the health of your puppy. There’s usually at least an additional $100-$150 tacked onto adoption fees to cover the cost of moving puppies from one region to another.

As for health concerns, its important keep in mind the differences in regional parasites that prey on dogs in different areas and the rate of infection for parasitic diseases. For instance, if you are adopting a puppy from Louisiana you should know that the heartworm infection rate is much higher there than in more northern areas of the United States. Additionally, there are different intestinal parasites to treat depending on the geographical location of the puppy. As a new owner you should consult your veterinarian about these issues so they can keep it in mind when treating your adopted dog.

Where to Adopt a Puppy

Using online resources like and will help to point you in the right direction when looking for a shelter or breed-specific rescue group that frequently has puppies. Like their older counterparts breed-specific rescue groups often shelter puppies as well. Many will rely on the Internet as a central base for their rescue group since they operate out of a foster network system. However, be wary of any site that is selling and shipping a dog directly to you as your puppy might be a puppy mill dog. Always work with a valid shelter or rescue organization.

The unfortunate truth is that many puppies are euthanized on a daily basis simply because of sheer over population. And while adopting adult dogs can be helpful for the animal shelter, don't feel like adopting a puppy is any less of a life-saving gesture. Do your homework and investigate their history as well as their prior medical condition before bringing the puppy home and you are sure to have a wonderful life together — one that may have otherwise not occurred for the puppy.