How Can I Get My Dachshund to Stop Barking So Much?

How Can I Get My Dachshund to Stop Barking So Much?

It’s a Dachshund fact: They bark — and sometimes they bark a lot. Even though the Dachshund is no longer bred to hunt badgers and other animals and have no need to alert anyone to the presence of such animals, they bark for other reasons now. 

Figuring out why your Dachshund is barking will help you train him or her to stop making such a fuss.  

What's All the Dog Barking About?

The website categorizes the various reasons Dachshunds bark and offers ways to stop or prevent the behavior: 


Dachshunds learn very quickly that if they bark, they will get attention. Be sure to spend plenty of time with your Dachshund and make the interactions positive. If your dog or puppy barks for attention, ignore him or her until the barking stops. Pay attention only when your Dachshund is well-behaved.   


This type of barking often stems from poor socialization as a puppy and results in a fear response to change. It can also lead to aggressive behavior such as biting and chasing. “Gradually desensitizing the dog to the fear item by positive attention during the presence of the fear object is a good option,” states “This type of Dachshund barking can often be prevented by crate training, which allows the dog a comfort zone where he or she can relax and remain stress-free.”


Dachshunds need regular exercise and playtime, and the younger the dog, the more they need of each. If you think your Dachshund is bored, increase his or her daily exercise and provide more toys to play with. Also make sure your Dachshund doesn’t spend too much time alone — consider getting another pet as a companion or hiring a dog walker for when you are away. 

Image: kapital / via Flickr