5 Facts About Toy Dog Breeds

5 Facts About Toy Dog Breeds

Chihuahua. Maltese. Pomeranian. The list goes on and on. They’re toy dog breeds, and whatever they’re called the fact remains — these dogs are small in stature. Weighing in usually under 18 pounds, toy dog breeds can be a lot of fun, especially for people who live in small houses or apartments.

So what should you know before getting a toy breed for a pet? While not every trait will be common in every toy breed, the following are a few of the common things that you could come across when it comes to these small companions.

Stranger Danger

Some of the toy breeds have been known to be more distrusting or skeptical of strangers than medium or larger breed dogs. While this might make things a bit more tricky when you’re having company over, it also means that toy dogs can make great watchdogs, as they’re sure to alert you with their barking when someone new is in their presence.

Exercise Power

While most toy breeds are high energy, their smaller stature means that they’ll need less exercise than a larger breed dog would, and they’re more likely to tire out easily when overly exerted. Of course not all toy breeds are like this. For example, Papillions are known to be very happy to take long walks with their owners.

Slower to Housebreak

Because of their small bladders and the fact that they tend to be easily excitable, you may find that your small breed dog is harder to housebreak. However, if your toy breed pooch still isn’t housebroken after three months of training, speak to your vet to find out if there may be another, different underlying issue.

Snap Happy

It’s not uncommon for smaller dog breeds to be quite snappy. For this reason you may need to warn any younger children before bringing a toy breed (or any breed, for that matter), into your home.

Lap Companions

One thing that you’ll find common in most of the toy breeds is that they make great companions and love to be held, carried and hugged. When you decide to bring a toy breed into your house, you should be ready, willing and able to give out a lot of snuggles.

And who wouldn't love that?

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