Meet Lupo, the Royal Dog Behind the Headlines

Meet Lupo, the Royal Dog Behind the Headlines

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, also known as Prince William and Kate Middleton, adopted a cocker spaniel puppy in late 2011, they sparked a media frenzy to find out all the details about the royal addition, from The Daily Mail to The Hollywood Reporter. 

The black, male puppy, named Lupo, which means “wolf” in Italian, was part of a litter belonging to Ella, a cocker spaniel owned by Middleton’s parents. Lupo’s name wasn’t revealed to the world until February 2012. 

Although the royal family’s official website does not include any information about Lupo, the website,, purports to catalog “Things we know and things WE THINK we know about Lupo Cambridge.” It’s unclear who is behind the site. 

The “firstborn fur-child” of the Duke and Duchess discusses his royal travels, hunting season, walks around Kensington Gardens, and dealing with the paparazzi. One of his favorite playmates is Beth, a Jack Russell terrier adopted in 2011 by the Duchess of Cornwall, formerly known as Camilla Parker-Bowles. Then there’s the queen’s rambunctious gang of corgis and dorgis (a corgi-dachshund mix). 

Lupo is the latest in a long line of dogs in the royal family. 

Lupo the Cocker Spaniel: A Media Darling 

In February 2013, the British tabloid The Mirror celebrated Lupo’s first anniversary with the royal couple with a look back at the previous 12 months’ milestones, including scarfing up treats during a shopping trip at Fortnum & Mason in London, chewing on the furniture in Kensington Palace, and stealing the show at polo matches. 

Lupo’s arrival on the royal scene has resulted in an increased demand for cocker spaniels in Great Britain as well as an unfortunate rise in thefts of cocker spaniels, according to the International Business Times. 

One thing that remains unknown about Lupo is his thoughts on the forthcoming new baby in the family. Hopefully, Lupo isn’t the jealous type. 

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Image: Adrian Dennis/Alamy via REUTERS