Prepare To Fall in Love With a Baby Named Dilan and a Bulldog Named Farley

Prepare To Fall in Love With a Baby Named Dilan and a Bulldog Named Farley

A boy and his pup have taken the Internet by storm and it's not hard to see why: they are the most adorable, squee-inducing duo you'll ever see. Not only do 8-month-old baby Dilan and his French Bulldog Farley share the same birthday, but they are kindred spirits and the best of friends. Their loving and oh-so-cute relationship (Farley was adopted by the family five months ago) has all been captured by Dilan's mother Ivette Ivens, an incredibly talented, Chicago-based photographer. 

Ivens, whose stunning photos can be admired both on her website and her Instagram, told about what Dilan and Farley are up to these days. "Nap time for Dilan never happens if Farley is around, they play together all the time," she said, also noting, "They used to sleep together but when Farley got bigger, he started to snore really bad— like most Frenchies do—now he has his own bed." 

As if that wasn't sweet enough, Dilan and Farley also have a pretty great system for mealtimes worked out, too. As Ivens explained, "Dilan doesn't have to wear a bib: Farley always cleans up after him." That's what friends are for! 

Check out this slideshow of Dilan and Farley's adorable adventures by clicking here!


(All photos via Ivette Ivens

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