5 Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Monday, October 15, 2012

5 Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Whether your pup loves to dress up in his favorite fall sweater or finds ways to wiggle out of his own collar, there’s a perfect Halloween costume out there for him. Here are some of our favorites.

1. The Skeleton

Skeleton costumes can be a great DIY option if you’ve got a black shirt to spare and some fabric paint. Use white fabric paint to draw a backbone, ribs and tail bones on a black T-shirt or sweatshirt. If you’re concerned about perfecting the design on the first try, use chalk to outline the bones before switching over to paint. Make sure the shirt fits your pup snugly and isn’t too tight before you paint it and give it plenty of time to dry.

2. The Shark

For any Discovery Channel Shark Week fans, this costume is a must-have. Complete with two fins and foam headpiece, the costume is pulled over your dog’s head like a sweater or shirt and clipped around his waist. The headpiece should fit securely atop your dog’s head and he should be peeking through the shark’s mouth.

3. The Devil

This is a great Halloween costume for a pup that’s usually averse to playing dress up. Put him in the Halloween spirit with a simple red cape, tied around the neck like a bandana, and a set of devilish ears for his head. Just don’t be shocked if your little Satan gets ahold of his horns early on.

 4. Superman

Follow the super hero trend by bringing your own caped crusader trick-or-treating with you. The chest piece with the infamous “S” logo and red cape fasten around your dog’s neck and his yellow utility belt fastens around his waist. You can dress the whole family in super hero garb and form your own team of crime stoppers.

 4. The Jockey

Another easy option for dogs unwilling to wear an elaborate Halloween costume is a jockey rider. Clip on the belt and neck straps with the plastic jockey and saddle facing upward, fasten snugly to his stomach and send him off to the races. 

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Photo courtesy of Spirit Halloween