7 Best Dog Breeds for Meeting New People

Move over grocery stores, dog parks are the new “go to” place to meet people these days. Dogs, in general, are matchmakers and certainly ambassadors to introducing us to folks we might not ever have known.

There are, however, breeds that go the extra wag when it comes to meeting new people. Although all dogs are conversation starters, whether by their sheer size, appearance, temperament, or a behavior, here are seven canine standouts. Next time you take a stroll to the park, see how many new people you meet with one of these dogs by your side:


Great Dane Dog Breed


Great Dane: Gentle, easy going, loving, and oh so huge in stature, we double dog dare you to take a Great Dane out in public and not meet someone. According to the American Kennel Club, this statuesque pooch is often labeled the “king of dogs,” with a personality that beckons complete strangers to turn into cuddly softies.





Cocker Spaniel: As a lifelong Cocker Spaniel mom, I would be remiss in not mentioning this Wigglebutt breed as a people greeter. In general, the Cocker Spaniel has a merry temperament, with many of them probably politicians in a previous life. They love smooching babies and shaking paws with strangers.


Mixed Breed or Mutt


Muttigree: How many times have you asked a complete stranger “what kind of dog is that?” Often times, the cutest and most approachable dogs are a mix of this, that, and something else. The All-American Mutt is definitely an ice breaker. If you know the breeds that comprise your dog’s DNA, see if a stranger can guess the next time around. It makes for great conversation and opens the doggie door to whatever comes next.


Dog Breed

Photo: eye-blink/via Shutterstock


PBGV: The shortcut acronym is a conversation starter, but this mighty dog in a small package is a meeter-greeter to the max. The PBGV is short in stature but long on personality, as the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, is part of the Hound group. He is a happy, extroverted, confident pooch that takes to people well and makes breaking the ice that much easier.


Image: Penelope Malby Photog/via Shutterstock

Greyhound: There is something stately, regal, and oh-so-approachable when a Greyhound makes his way down the street or glides smoothly across the dog park. Greyhounds are generally loving, kind, friendly, and a highly approachable and admired breed. Most Greyhounds are rescued from the track, so strangers often want to get to know them better.


Image: Lilya Kullianioak/via Shutterstock

Pug: Pug lovers, unite: We see you out there, with your portly cuteness and little engine that could attitude. That huge personality in a stout package is part of the Pug’s charm and approachable aura. Playful, friendly, and intelligent, this member of the Toy group is a great icebreaker in public.

Golden Reriever

Image: Vasilyev Alexandr/via Shutterstock

Golden Retriever: A great friend to children and a wonderful family dog, the Golden Retriever might simply be the poster child for socializing. It’s great popularity means more than likely someone in your group of friends or family has one (or more). Their easy-going and “love me” nature make them the consummate breed to meet new people.

Do you have a dog that tends to “introduce” you to new people? Let us know in the comments below.