A Bow-Legged Pit Bull Named Jones Needs Surgery to Walk Again

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Bow-Legged Pit Bull Named Jones Needs Surgery to Walk Again

If Jones, a sad-eyed pit bull with deformed legs can’t melt your heart, you might want to make sure you aren’t the tin man and you actually have one.

Jones’ story is one of the latest rescue cases making the rounds on Facebook.

A couple of months ago, the black pit bull was hiding under a car in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles when he was snatched up and taken to a shelter where he spent the next seven days curled up facing the back of his cage, still trying to hide.

However, Sasha Rose noticed him. For the past six years, it’s been her job to notice the “rejects,” the ones the adopters or even rescues will not chance.

When Jones’ eyes drew Rose in, she knew she had to save him. It was his last day to live, but Jones wouldn’t come willingly. Jones was too scared to even move from his cage on his own and he had to be carried.

Rose knew he would have to go to one of her most experienced foster homes so he could be socialized and learn to overcome his terrible fear of people. “At first I thought he just had bowed legs, but his foster told me that he couldn’t get around well,” says Rose. 

X-rays revealed the worse. Nine month old Jones had suffered two broken ankles as a younger pup, which were not treated.

“We guess he tried to jump off something high and the ankles broke and were not treated,” says Rose.

Jones is coming out of his shell. Slowly, he began trusting his foster family and even enjoys playing with his pittie siblings, he can’t play for long, however, his mental state has improved, but his legs still cause him a great deal of pain.

The only options Rose has is to have him euthanized or pay for a costly, specialized surgery that will relieve his pain and give him a quality of life.

“He’s a great dog, he’s just starting to enjoy his life, we want to give him a chance,” says Rose.

Jones has his fourth veterinary appointment through one of the top orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles today. It’s estimated the surgery will cost $3,750 per leg.

For more information, please visit Jones’ fundraising website, or contact Sasha Rose at [email protected].

Editor’s Note: Photo courtesy of Sasha Rose.

Do you think Jones can live a full and happy life after surgery?