A Fostered Pit Bull Mix in Pennsylvania Rescues Her Foster Dad

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Fostered Pit Bull Mix in Pennsylvania Rescues Her Foster Dad

Fostering homeless animals has many benefits for both the pet and the people who foster, but for one man in Pennsylvania, fostering a pit bull mix literally saved his life.

Chloe was just another homeless dog given up by her family. Covered in mange and so scared that she covered her face with her paws when stressed to seemingly try to make the world go away, she was given a second chance by the Weintraub family when they agreed to foster her.

She must have recognized that they saved her life because when Chuck Weintraub had a cardiac event while doing yard work and passed out, Chloe did what she had never done before, she left his side to fetch help.

According to Trib Live News, Weintraub was home last Wednesday with his golden retrievers, DaMa and Molly and Chloe.

When Weintraub collapsed, Chloe, who wasn’t confined to the yard by an electric fence like the other dogs because she never left Weintraub’s side, ran for the neighbor’s house.

“As soon as I saw her at our fence, I knew something was wrong,” Mike Brock told Trib Live. “She never wanted anything to do with us before.”

Brock and his family tried moving toward Chloe, but she would run a few feet, stop and look back at them and then continue back toward Weintraub. Finally, Brock saw Weintraub’s feet over the hill and while he performed CPR, his wife called an ambulance.

Weintraub didn’t know that the timid pit bull that he gave a second chance helped save his life until he woke from a medically induced coma three days later with a new pacemaker.

"This dog was terrified, traumatized,” he said. “She'd put her paws over her eyes and pretend the world wasn't there, she was so scared. I can't believe she left the yard like that.”

You might think that Chloe’s story would end there, living happily ever after with the Weintraub’s, but they have a dilemma.

If they keep Chloe, they will have no more room for fosters they take in from the Humane Society of Western Pennsylvania, which means they couldn’t save any more lives.

“It would be really hard to give her up. We'd have to find a family that loves her as much as we do,” says Weintraub’s wife, Sherrard Bostwick.

Image via Trib Live News' Facebook page

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