Beating the Odds: Amazing Dog Rescue Stories (VIDEO)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The weather outside may be frightful in much of the country, but these tales (or “tails”) of holiday season dog rescues are sure to make you smile.

We all know that frozen bodies of water and dogs can sometimes be a deadly combination. Trixie, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever, is lucky to be alive after she got stuck on an icy patch in a New Jersey lake earlier this month. Fortunately, volunteer firefighters were able to pull her to safety and we are happy to report that Trixie is recovering well.

Half way across the country in Evansville, Indiana, a dog named Bronx was equally as lucky when firefighters put on wet suits and swam out to pull him to safety after he fell through the ice that was covering a pond. The incident occured when the dog broke away from his pet parent while on a walk.

It’s heartbreaking to hear Bronx whining in the following video as he is being pulled from the icy water, but the story has a happy ending. Although Bronx was in the water for more than an estimated 20 minutes, he is expected to be ok.


Image: thinkstock

Video: POZAPADO HD's YouTube Page

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