Bodie the Poodle Goes Missing From California Grooming Business

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bodie the Poodle Goes Missing From California Grooming Business

Imagine dropping off your dogs at the groomer in the morning before work and then going to pick them up that afternoon, only to find that one of your dogs was missing.

That’s exactly what happened when Andrea and Anthony Baerga dropped off their two dogs, QTip and Bodie at Doggy Paws grooming in Norco, Calif. last Thursday.

According to NBC4 in Southern California, the Riverside County couple came to pick their dogs up and was told that Bodie could not be found.

The Riverside County Sherriff’s Department was notified of the missing dog, but told NBC that the case is being handled as a civil matter, not a criminal one.

The family put up a Facebook page in hopes of finding their missing poodle.  

A document on Bodie’s Facebook page entitled “Facts About my Disappearance” indicate that the Baerga’s did not know their dog was missing all day and that they called the groomer’s only to be met with silence.

The family indicates they are not happy with the response they received from the owners of the shop.

Pet360 spoke exclusively with Guy Gullien, who says he co-owns the shop with Raul Reyes. “They have every right to feel that way,” Gullien says. “The matter was not handled great and very unprofessionally, but Mr. Reyes was scared and didn’t know what to do.”

Gullien says he was not at the shop on the day Bodie was there, but says that Reyes initially blamed him for the missing dog, as he didn’t know what else to do. He says Reyes has only been grooming dogs a little fewer than five years and although he does not work well with the public, he is a “very talented, young groomer.”

“I know for a fact that he would never do anything to harm an animal,” says Gullien.

He wrote on his Facebook page that he was not there on Thursday, but it is his understanding Bodie was not discovered missing until employees went to take him out of his cage to groom him. Gullien theorized that Bodie got out of an open door.

He says he has helped put up fliers and there is nothing more he can do but pray and apologize to Bodie’s parents.

Gullien says they have been in business since March 6, 2012, but he has been grooming dogs for 23 years. “I have an excellent reputation, I am a great groomer and now this will follow me,” says Gullien. “I will not be able to continue to work with Mr. Reyes.”  

He says this is the worst thing that’s ever happened in his professional career and he is heartbroken over the matter. Gullien says someone came into his shop with a tip yesterday afternoon that Bodie was seen on Sunday in a neighborhood not far from the shop.

He notified Bodie’s parents who went in search of their dog.

Anyone who spots Bodie or who has any information is asked to contact the family at (909) 519-0235.

Editor’s Note: Photo from Bodie’s Facebook page.

Do you think the co-owner panicked and is telling the truth or what do you think happened to Bodie?