Britney Spears Purchases Second Puppy in Three Months

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Britney Spears Purchases Second Puppy in Three Months

Britney Spears cannot seem to help herself when it comes to purchasing cute puppies. Over the weekend Spears tweeted a photo of yet another new puppy, which she did not name. This is the second purchase of a puppy for Spears in three months.

Pet360 reported in December that the singer had purchased a teacup Yorkie. She named her puppy Hannah Spears and created a Twitter account for her.  

It’s now known that Hannah was purchased from a Barkworks puppy store in Thousand Oaks. The stores, like many pet stores, are suspected of selling dogs purchased from puppy mills.

Hannah, in fact, has had several life threatening health issues, according to a story in the Examiner.

Many puppy mill dogs suffer from lifelong health conditions due to poor breeding habits and living conditions where they get their start in life.

This new puppy, which appears to be a tiny Maltese or Maltese mix, was purchased from a breeder, according to the ASPCA.  

Spears’s habits with dogs continues to be a disturbing trend for a star who seems to make impulse purchases of pets. She once paid $3,000 for a dog she named London, and more recently paid $1,800 for Hannah, according to Radar Online.

Instead of taking the lead from Hollywood A-Listers such as George Clooney and Betty White, both proponents of adoption, Spears continues to buy her dogs from disreputable pet stores. Barkworks has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau and is fighting multiple lawsuits for selling unhealthy dogs. The company has since shuttered their websites.

Although Spears purchased her new white fluff-ball from a breeder, the ASPCA reports it is unknown which breeder and if that breeder is responsible.

Spears hasn’t been known to keep her pets for their entire lives. Pet360 found reports of at least four previous dogs, including London, none of which have been seen with her since at least 2008. Multiple news reports indicated they were all given to other people for various reasons.

Like a spoiled child, Spears seems to tire of her puppies when they outgrow that cute puppy phase and aren’t as photogenic for paparazzi opps. As a result, the dogs disappear and are replaced with younger models.

Thank goodness the city of Los Angeles and many of its surrounding municipalities is banning the sale of puppies in pet stores, effective later this year, and people like Spears will be forced to give a little more thought to getting a pet rather than simply being able to make an impulse purchase based on that cute doggy in the window.

However, as we saw with Spears’s latest purchase, the law still doesn’t make her sympathetic to the plight of homeless pets and give a thought to “adopt, don’t shop.”

Editor’s Note: Photo from Spears’s Twitter account.

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