Concerned Homeowner Rescues Lost Dog from a Tree

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Concerned Homeowner Rescues Lost Dog from a Tree

We’ve all heard the saying about barking up the wrong tree. Well, in Davenport, Iowa last weekend, a dog not only barked up the wrong tree, but climbed up the tree and got stuck.

When dog mom Cynthia Weeks noticed that Laddy, her 7-year-old border collie was missing last Thursday, she was beside herself with grief and worry.

"We went around calling for him, and I drove around. I put it on my Facebook pages, and we put fliers out around the neighborhood,” Weeks told the Quad-City Times.

Days past and Ron Stevenson was doing yard work on Sunday morning when a dog he had been hearing barking was now whining.

"I'd been hearing this dog barking, but I didn't want to be a complaining neighbor and, besides, my wife and I are dog lovers," Stevenson says. "When I was outside early Sunday, I heard a whining, and I knew something wasn't right. This time, it sounded in distress."

When he walked out to his driveway, he was shocked when he looked up and saw a dog peering from behind some leaves about ten feet up a tree.

When Stevenson called 911 to explain the situation, he described the dispatcher as “skeptical” to his call.

Although the police responded pretty quickly, Stevenson, afraid the dog might hurt itself, climbed up the tree and grabbed Laddy by the collar and helped him down.

He also snaped a photo first to make sure police believed him when they arrived.

Weeks was reading a book about 8:30 a.m. when the police, who had recognized Laddy from the fliers, called to let her know they found her dog. “I asked where they found him, and the officer said, 'You'll never believe this.' "If he didn't have that photo, I'm not sure I would have believed it," Weeks told reporters.

Laddy evidently has a love of squirrels and chasing things. Most border collies are pretty agile and Laddy is no different. The tree, which has a gradual include might have proved too tempting for the pup, but once he got up there, was too scary for him to try to get down.

He loves playing Frisbee in his yard, which is typically protected by an electric fence. However, the collar in Laddy’s battery went out and he saw his chance for an adventure before he went missing.

According to Weeks, Laddy was pretty worn out from his time on the lamb. "He's been doing a ton of sleeping,” she says.

Editor’s Note: Photo by Ron Stevenson.

In July, we reported on a dog stuck on a roof. Have you ever seen a dog up a tree? Please tell us in the comment section below.