Craziest Celebrity Pet Names

Craziest Celebrity Pet Names

We all know celebrities tend to go a bit off the deep end when it comes to naming their children, but what about their pets? We’ve rounded up our favorite, and most crazy, celebrity pet names.

Nicole Richie

Richie’s two dogs, a Shih Tzu named Honeychild and a Pomeranian named Foxy Cleopatra, have been with her from the start. From her early days with Paris Hilton on The Simple Life to pages of some of the most high-end fashion magazines worldwide including Vanity Fair, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar, these two pampered pooches are in it for the long haul.

Drew Barrymore

Flossie, Barrymore’s adopted Chow-Yellow Labrador mix, was known not only for her unique name but her heroics. Back in 1998, a late night fire ravaged Barrymore’s Beverly Hills home causing nearly a million dollars’ worth of damage. It was Flossie’s barking that woke the actress and her then-boyfriend Tom Green, who called 911. They were able to safely leave the home with her other pets. Unfortunately, Flossie passed away in 2010.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal’s two dogs, a German Shepherd named Atticus and a Puggle named Boo Radley, take their monikers from his favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird. He’s often snapped by paparazzi’s hiking and running with Atticus, who was also a favored running partner of Reese Witherspoon when she and Gyllenhaal were dating.


Beyonce’s Shih Tzu’s dog Munchie caused quite a stir with PETA when it was reported that she abandoned her dog. They investigated the incident and her publicist confirmed that Munchie is a very pampered pup, who everyone in Beyonce’s entourage adores. Beyonce and Munchie also graced the cover of 2004’s Animal Fair magazine.

Adam Sandler

Leave it to funnyman Adam Sandler to have not one but two dogs with great names. Sandler’s first English bulldog was named Meatball and his second, who recently passed away, was named Matzoball. According to, Matzoball got himself into some deep water when the actor was filming the flick Bedtime Stories in California. Matzoball got too close to waves along the beach and Sandler had to go into the water to rescue him.

Selma Blair

Also known for her sense of humor, Blair named her one-eyed Jack Russell mix Wink. She adopted the dog from a nonprofit animal shelter in Los Angeles called the Lange Foundation, where she reportedly volunteers. According to Details magazine, when strangers stop Blair and ask her how Wink lost her eye, the actress likes to make up stories just for fun to confuse them.

Martha Stewart

After Stewart’s first Chow Chow named Genghis Khan was tragically killed in a fire in 2009, Genhis Khan II has gone on to serve the name heroically. The pup took home the blue ribbon for Best in Breed in the 2012 Westminster Dog Show. Stewart was on hand to witness the win, taking photographs with Genghis Khan II backstage.


Image via People