Dachshund Sacrifices Life and Saves Men from Bear Attack

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dachshund Sacrifices Life and Saves Men from Bear Attack

Dachshunds, once bred to hunt badgers, have to be fearless and a dachshund named Bradley in Michigan was no exception.

Bradley, who was only 4-5 pounds, went after a 400-pound bear when his dad and his friends encountered the protective mamma bear, which was with her two cubs.

The carefree afternoon turned tragic when the men took a ride on a golf cart into the woods. Bradley went with his dad, John Force, and the rest of the group.

When the men saw the bear on the trail, the bear stared them down, which made Bradley jump off of the cart and go after the bear. The two got into a scuffle and the bear even threw Bradley, who didn’t give up in the fight. Eventually the bear grabbed Bradley and took off into the woods.

The group of men finally scared the bear away and Force rushed the brave dog to an emergency vet. Unfortunately, Bradley’s wounds were too severe and he died an hour after the attack.

The Force family says Bradley had always been dominant in his pack, which included two Rottweiler brothers. "I would expect him to protect me before the Rottweiler’s probably," Lisa Force said.

The Forces believe the situation may have ended much differently had Bradley not been with them. One of the men had suffered a stroke only days before the incident and most likely couldn't have run away from the bear.

While the family was very sad over losing their little hero, they apparently were given a gift in remembrance of Bradley just days later.

A woman who identifies herself as “Tammy” on the 9&10 News site wrote in the comments section, “John now has a new furry friend. My husband and I were contemplating rehoming one of our dachshunds because we had two that just would not get along (dominance issue) . When we seen this news clip we knew exactly what we had to do. Last night John came over and we sent Buddy, our male black and tan mini dachsund (sic) home with him. And Buddy looks just like Bradley. We will miss Buddy but it warms my heart to help someone. Hoping it works out well for them all.”

A person who identifies herself as Lisa Force replied, “Tammy your (sic) an angel! We can’t thank you enough! He snuggled right in with us last night didn’t make a peep and is now napping on my lap. Your kindness will not go unnoticed!!”

Editor’s Note: Photo of Bradley submitted by the Force family to 9&10 News.

Have you ever had a tiny dog think he is much bigger than he actually is? What do you think of Bradley's heroic actions?