Dog Continues Daily Visits to Church After Owner Dies

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dog Continues Daily Visits to Church After Owner Dies

A heart wrenching story is making the rounds on social media this week. Tommy, a German shepherd in Italy grieving for his deceased mom, is reportedly still attending mass each time the bells begin to ring.

According to this story on Life with Dogs TV,  Tommy’s mom, Maria Margherita Lochi, passed away two months ago. Prior to her passing, she had adopted Tommy, a homeless stray she found in a field near her home.

Lochi, a devout Catholic who attended mass each day, would walk to church with Tommy in tow. The priest allowed Tommy to enter the church and he was always quite well mannered, sitting at his mom’s feet until mass was over.

When she passed away, Tommy didn’t stop the routine he shared with Lochi. Each day when the bells ring, Tommy shows up for mass. Unfortunately, he doesn’t find his mom and he is heartbroken.

The village has reportedly symbolically adopted Tommy. Many of the community's members provide him with food and shelter, but the priest says he would like one special person to adopt Tommy and make him their own.

There have been numerous reports throughout history of dogs that will not forget their humans after they have passed.

One of the most famous stories involves Fala, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Scottish terrier, which even accompanied the Commander in Chief to cabinet meetings, where he had his own special chair.

After the president died in 1945, the loyal canine reportedly sat in the dining room of the home so he could watch for his master at both entrances. Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote that Fala became very excited when President Eisenhower once visited the estate. The sirens and fanfare of the motorcade made the dog think his dad was coming down the drive.

Another famous story involves General Barksdale, a famous Civil War officer at Gettysburg, and his dog, which lay wailing on the general’s grave after he died. Barksdale’s wife came to retrieve the pooch, but legend has it that the dog would not leave. Of course, there are ghost stories to this day that the dog’s spirit still wails on some nights.

What do you think of these stories of dogs never leaving the places where their human parents frequented or where they were laid to rest?