Dog Found in Trash Heap Gets a Second Chance

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dog Found in Trash Heap Gets a Second Chance

A dog that was found in a Los Angeles trash heap isn’t in the dumps anymore.

The Husky, which has been named Miley by her rescuers, has not only been saved from a near certain death, but now is an internet sensation.

The video of her rescue earned over 5 million hits in just 5 days. “It’s been viewed all over the world, it’s just incredible,” Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, told Pet360.

Miley's rescue began when local resident called Hagar and told him of Miley, who had been living in the trash dump for at least several months.

When Hagar arrived, he didn’t know if the pitiful pup was beyond saving. Emaciated and covered with mange and skin infections, the dog was so sick that she didn’t even have the capacity to run in fear.

After sitting with her for over an hour, Hagar finally gained Miley’s trust and she was ready for her new life.

It wasn’t easy, says Hagar, but after several weeks of medicated baths and intense medical treatment, Miley is now doing very well.

She’s even made a friend at the shelter, Frankie, a Chihuahua that nearly drowned in a drainage tunnel.

However, Hagar says the pair will not be adopted out together. “Miley wants to play rough and long and Frankie is done after just a few minutes,” says Hagar.

Miley, who is estimated to be about a year old, is also not up for adoption quite yet, she still needs more medical attention and has to be well enough to undergo spay surgery. All that could take at least another month, Hagar says.

Is Hagar worried that a viral video may bring out some people who might want Miley just because of her celebrity status?

Hagar says it’s possible, but his 10 page adoption application is formulated to weed out any people who may not want to adopt for all the right reasons.

“I’ve been doing this so many years, no one can trick me,” says Hagar. “To adopt a dog through us is a very hard task.”

This is not Hagar’s first viral rescue video, his organization was also responsible for the video of Fiona, which has earned over 50 million views, he says.


Editor’s Note: Photo of Miley and Hagar courtesy of Hope for Paws

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