Dog Inspired Parties

Dog Inspired Parties

Holiday parties are not just for the upright variety anymore. Pets are getting in on the fun, too, with holiday parties that are dog-welcoming or even designed with canines in mind have taken hold this holiday season. It’s not too late to host a howl-i-day party for Fido and his friends. Here are some tips to getting it done with ease and without any er, dog fights.

Dog Proof Your Home

Pet360 writer, Jessica Remitz, shares her tips for dog-proofing a house when a holiday party is about to take place. If the party so happens to be for the dogs, this is even more important.

Social Sniffers

If dogs come together, ensure that they are generally social around other pets. Since dogs can be territorial, if your furry friend isn’t fond of others, it is best not to stress him or the other dogs out. Dogs who are unfamiliar with each other should meet pre-party to prevent any scuffles or “disagreements.”

Dress (or not) For Success

Many dog moms and dads like to dress their dogs in canine clothing, especially during the holidays. When it comes to canine attire, never stress your dog by forcing him or her to wear clothing. Clothing should fit well and not have any tight elastic or dangling zippers that can cause problems. Have Fido wear the clothing at home in the weeks prior to the party to ensure he is comfortable.

Party Games

Even Rudolph had reindeer games. Games are a fun way to liven up a party and create fun memories (think Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest).

From doggie limbo to musical mats (a dog variation of musical chairs) and even Scooby Says are all fun dog-themed party games. In Scooby Says, this is a variation game from the popular Simon Says version. Dogs form a line in front of the “barker.” As commands are given, each participating pooch reacts. Instruct basic things like “Sit,” “Down” and “Stay.” The last dog remaining is named the winner.

Be sure you have space big enough for all this.

Relief Station

On the invitation (or e-vitation) let guests know where the relief stations will be. Consider renting a port-a-potty for dogs for the occasion and ensure there is access to a grassy area or at least an area where party pooches can do their business.

Music and Entertainment

For added fun, be sure the music is festive and engaging. One can’t go wrong with holiday music and toss in the occasional Jingle Barks or Who Let the Dogs out song.

Holidays are a fun time and Fido can get in on it, too. Are you hosting a canine-inspired holiday party and/or have you ever been to one? Bark at me below.

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