Dog TV Coming to DirecTV in August

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dog TV Coming to DirecTV in August

If you’ve ever left the television on for your pets while you’re away, you already know the thinking behind the concept of Dog TV, a channel devoted for the sole purpose of entertaining our dogs while we’re away.

Until now, Dog TV has only been available in a couple of limited test markets in Los Angeles and New York City, but as of August 1, will be available to all DirecTV customers nationwide.

Dog TV isn’t the by product of an owner who had a dog, but according to TODAY, it was the idea of Ron Levi, a television and radio host in Israel. Like many of us, Levi noticed how sad his cat, Charlie, looked when he left for work each day.

Levi began doing research into separation anxiety for pets and came to one conclusion. “Regular TV is bad for dogs,” Levi told TODAY. “It’s like the Fourth of July all year round.”

Instead of having programming that had barking dogs, yelling humans, sirens, explosions and other loud, irritating sounds, Levi developed programming to meet specific dog needs, all low key and calming.

The studies he has done show that test subjects, who had cameras watching them watch Dog TV show that they are much happier when their humans return home than those dogs who do not have Dog TV to stimulate them while their humans are away.

Levi told TODAY that doing the research was easy, it was convincing pet parents that their dogs wouldn’t destroy the house when watching the channel that was hard.

The channel has been so successful that Levi is working to get a paid subscription on the internet going for dog parents who don’t have televisions.

His next two endeavors? Developing a cat channel and getting a dog, he says.

Editor’s Note: Image by Flickr user abardwell.

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