German Shepherd Rescues Abandoned Baby in Park

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

German Shepherd  Rescues Abandoned Baby in Park

The meaning of the name Jade is that of a precious stone thought in some cultures to guard against certain maladies. Apparently, one dog in Great Britain took her name seriously last week.

German Shepherd named Jade was walking with her pet parent, Roger Wilday, in a park in Stechford, Birmingham, last week when Jade went to sniff out some bushes.

When Wilday went to investigate, he was shocked to discover that Jade had found a newborn baby girl inside a discarded carrier bag from a toy store.

Wilday at first thought his dog had encountered a bag of kittens. “If she had been there overnight, I think she might have died," Wilday told the BBC. "I think my dog saved the baby's life. I'm very proud of her."

Wilday called a friend who called the police. They told Wilday to pick the baby up and wait for them. They believed the baby to be about 24 hours old when she was found, but she had only been in the park for about 30 minutes, they estimated.

The newborn was taken to a hospital where she is recovering. The identity of the baby or her mother is still unknown, so what are the caretakers calling the baby?

Jade, of course.

Editor’s Note: Submitted photo of Jade first appeared on the Daily Mail.

What do you think of the baby being named after the dog that rescued her?  

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