Missing Boy with Down Syndrome Found Thanks to Puppies

Friday, October 19, 2012

Missing Boy with Down Syndrome Found Thanks to Puppies

Today, a feel-good story out of the woods of Alabama.

On Tuesday, 10-year old Kyle Camp, who has Down syndrome, went missing from his home in a heavily wooded area.

Frantic, his parents mounted a search for him and then called the police two hours later. She told NBC News that she was very worried as darkness was settling in.

People who live in very rural, heavily wooded areas always need to be on the lookout for animal predators such as coyotes, bears and sometimes even mountain lions.

I’m sure this was on the family’s mind as nightfall set in. What the Camp family didn’t realize at the time was that the four puppies their dog had given birth to were also missing.

It was thanks to those animals, that Kyle was found the next morning just a little wet from being in the creek, tired and scared.

Police believe those puppies kept him warm and alive throughout his ordeal.

According to media reports, it’s believed he followed the puppies along a creek until he got lost. When the mother dog went looking for her own brood the next morning, police followed the dog and found Kyle near the creek with all four puppies.

A great end to another story that shows us how much of a positive influence dogs can have in our lives. Of course, animal lovers know there are many more stories of animals rescuing humans. Some of us may have even experienced such canine devotion ourselves.

We most likely will not see any more media attention on the Camps, the media is fickle when it comes to stories, and they don’t have a very long shelf life.

If I were to write the true ending to this story, I would love to see a rescue or humane society step in, spay the dog for the family and help put her through training to become a therapy dog for Kyle. The dog could also become a guardian and keep him from wondering away from his home (by barking to alert the rest of the family).

Oh, and most importantly, help find good, responsible homes for those little rescue pups.

Editor’s Note: The puppies in the photo are not the ones that saved Kyle Image by Flickr user Kiwi NZ.

Do you have a heartwarming story of a dog rescuing a person, or has it ever happened to you?