Pet-Friendly Travel Courtesy of Hairy Putter

Pet-Friendly Travel Courtesy of Hairy Putter

Do you like traveling with a dog? Hairy Putter loves to travel, and so much so that he is the author of the official four paw-approved countywide resource guide for pets in Mendocino County, California.

The spunky Cairn Terrier holds the title of the official Director of Barketing of Visit Mendocino County, Inc., the official travel & tourism office of Mendocino County.  I had the pleasure of meeting this pint-sized dynamo and ambassa-dog of travel with pets at the BlogPaws conference in Salt Lake City in 2012.

As the well-versed author of his own highly popular blog ( )and the Hairy Putter Pet-Friendly Travel Guide to Mendocino County, Hairy and his family explore the county experiencing and chronicling pet-friendly services and destinations in order to let others know about the  travel experiences that pets can enjoy.

When I invited Hairy Putter to come to BlogPaws in Salt Lake City, I never imagined what was going through that adorable puppy thought process of his. Let Hairy show you the creativity that runs through his puppy mind

Recently, Hairy expanded his ever-growing resume with a culinary website devoted to cooking for your dog. We look forward to watching the channel grow and learning more about delectable dishes for dogs.

According to his blog, Hairy has “made several appearances on local and national television including, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CNN.” He has also appeared print advertising and videos for Mendocino County, Little River Inn, The Skunk Train, Toulouse and Lula wineries.

Of course, a working canine needs R&R, too, and some of Hairy’s favorite activities include running on the beach, playing in the ocean, chasing pesky squirrels and socializing with other friendly canine friends. His favorite television shows are the re-runs of Wishbone on PBS and the Westminster Dog show.  From a zodiac perspective, Harry is a Capricorn.

As a fellow dog traveler (of 20 years), Hairy is one roving Rover whose website brings a wealth of information and a ray of sunshine.

Photo courtesy Carol Bryant

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