Police Dog Mourns His Partner

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Police Dog Mourns His Partner

Most people have heard by now the story of the Kentucky police officer gunned down in an apparent ambush as he stopped to remove debris from a road.

What most people haven’t heard is that the officer, Jason Ellis, 33, was also a K9 police dog handler and that his dog, Figo, paid a touching tribute to him at his funeral over the weekend by placing his paw on the fallen officer’s casket.

Ellis was the first police officer who has lost his life in the line of duty in the town of Bardstown, Kentucky.

According to WSMV out of Nashville, Tenn., Figo was retired after Ellis’ death last week and is living with his widow and two children.

The photo began going viral on Monday after Photojournalist Jonathan Palmer captured the touching moment when the dog places his paw on his partner’s casket.

The tribute is a touching reminder of the bond shared between dogs and their parents, even when they are also partners in a working relationship.

Figo wasn’t the only being mourning the slain officer, hundreds of fellow officers from around the state and around the country attended the services, as well as his family and friends.

Authorities have vowed to see justice in this case, which was particularly heinous, as they believe the officer was set up to be shot several times as he left the protection of his police car.

Editor’s note: Photo from Reddit.

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