Seeing Eye Dog Helps Friend Through Life

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seeing Eye Dog Helps Friend Through Life

There is an old saying about it taking a community to raise a child. We humans typically count on others to help us in our times of need, and our pets are no different.

Meet Jack and Chico. For the first eight years of their lives, they had their human to help them both, and Chico always had Jack to lend an extra helping paw because Chico is blind.

Although Chico can do many things on his own, he has even learned to open a gate latch, he depends on Jack to help him get around in unfamiliar places.

Unfortunately for both of them, their human died and they’ve found themselves at the MaxFund Animal Adoption Center in Denver, Colorado.

While the non-profit, no kill shelter is hoping the two will be adopted together, there are never any guarantees they will find a home willing to take them in together.

Finding a home for one senior dog is a challenge; imagine having to find a home that will take two, including a dog with special needs.

Chico has no eyes, but he’s a very gifted dog, even writing his own bio at the shelter: "You see, I've used dog doors, the scent of treats, and other friendly dogs like Jack to help me get along just fine despite my loss of vision. I'm smart and can open gate latches even though many 'sighted,' dogs couldn't master such a feat! I'm easygoing, friendly, love walks, car rides, water, know 'sit' and 'come,' and I'll brighten your days and make you smile. So come meet me, okay?"

According to a story on Dogster, the two are inseparable and it makes Chico nervous to be away from his BFF, Jack.

It’s always such a tragedy when pets end up in shelters due to the death of their pet parents. Luckily, Jack and Chico were sent to a no-kill shelter. I saw a family of five dogs on Facebook the other day that were all sent to a high kill municipal shelter after their owner died.  

This is the reason the ASPCA recently teamed with to come up with Pet Protection Agreements.

The document can be drawn up to outline the provisions for your pets should you become unable to care for them or if you die. The agreements start at only $39 and can compliment your last will and testament.


Editor’s Note: Photo of Chico and Jack from the MaxFund Facebook page.


Do you know of someone who might adopt Jack and Chico?