The $500 Dog

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The $500 Dog

Many dogs aren’t worth a lot of actual money, although they are priceless in our hearts.

One dog in Montana, though, was worth more to his dad than the price he had on his heart when the dog ate $500 worth of $100 bills.

According to Today, Wayne Klinkel left the money in a cubby hole in his car when he also left his dog, Sundance, in the vehicle when he and his wife made a stop on a road trip to visit their daughter.

When they came back, imagine their surprise when they couldn’t find the money. All that was left was half of one of the bills sitting in the driver’s seat.

Sundance got his revenge for being left in the car to his own devices.

“This dog, he’s 12. He’s been getting weirder and weirder as he gets older, and he will pretty much eat anything and everything,” Klinkel told the Independent Record, where he works as a graphic artist.

After a dozen years of poop scooping, Klinkel knew that paper doesn’t digest, so he followed Sundance around for a few days, picking out pieces of the mutilated money.

His daughter later brought more pieces they found in the back yard after the snow melted.

After soaking the pieces in a bucket of dish soap and water and carefully putting the pieces back together, he was laughed out of two local banks who told him he had to return the mutilated money to the Federal Reserve to see if they would reimburse him for the money.

According to Klinkel, he was told that he only needed 51 percent of each bill and the determination if he will be reimbursed with a government check could take up to two years.

At this point, Klinkel doesn’t have nothing but time.

The story reminds me of when we would travel with our four dogs. Of course, we had to stop to eat and always locked the doors. In the summer, we also left the air running for them.

If possible, we would call ahead to the restaurant so they could have our food ready and we didn’t have to leave them in the vehicle unattended for more than a half hour.

The moral of the story is to never leave your dog within reach of homework, or money.


What is the craziest thing your dog has eaten?