Wallace the Pit Bull Gets More Bad News

Friday, July 5, 2013

Wallace the Pit Bull Gets More Bad News

Wallace the pit bull, who has been fighting cancer, got some more bad news last week. Wallace was the first pit bull to win a flying disc championship and is also the adopted brother to Hector the pit bull, one of the survivors of Michael Vick’s fighting operation.

We’ve written about Wallace before, as last year, he was the subject of Jim Gorant’s second book on pit bulls (the first was “The Lost Dogs” about Vick’s fighting operation).

This week, Wallace (with help from his dad, Roo Yori) wrote this on his Facebook page, “Unfortunately this update does not yield much good news. I went to the vet today for a check-up because I have been having some issues going to the bathroom. Turns out I have another kind of cancer called transitional cell carcinoma that is causing my bathroom issues, and possibly starting some neurological and bone issues. In addition, they detected evidence that my hemangiosarcoma has returned as well. With the combo, there's not too many options for me at this point that we're comfortable going with. I am Wallace, so I will continue to live out my days best I can. Roo and Clara will do what they can to make sure I stay comfortable until my time comes. Hopefully that will still be a little while down the road, but realistically it could be drawing close. Regardless, there's only one thing to do right now - go for a sunset walk with my old walking pal Mindy Lou, and maybe catch a disc if I feel up to it. It's a beautiful night, so I'm going to go enjoy it!”

I first interviewed Roo and Clara Yori when I wrote about the dogs that were taken from custody in Virginia after they were confiscated from Vick’s home, to the rescue, BADRAP in California.  

Not too long before I had the chance to write about Hector and the other dogs, we witnessed a white pit bull with black spots being dumped on the side of the road. We picked her up brought her home and named her Sade.

I had not been around a lot of pit bulls, but knew enough to know that their reputation did not coincide with their naturally sweet and loving nature. It wasn’t long before we expanded Sade’s name to Sweet Sade Sue, and for good reason, she is absolutely one of the most loving and gentle dogs we’ve ever had.

After Sweet Sade Sue became a part of our family, I knew exactly what Roo Yori was saying when he said he hoped Hector could become an ambassador for the breed. Hector did become an ambassador and is a certified Canine Good Citizen.

When the Yori’s later adopted Wallace and realized he had a natural talent for disc competition and he became the first pit bull to become national flying disc champion, it was further evidence that pitties (or pibbles as I like to call them) are truly amazing dogs and can buck those stereotypes given the chance.  

As Wallace entered the last phase of his life, the Yori’s created a bucket list of things for him to do before he is gone and they videotaped him doing them as he completes his list.

Wallace has given so much to the world of canine sports and as an ambassador to his fellow pitties. It is truly an honor to be a witness to this happy dog completing his bucket list.

His latest is riding in a convertible and he seems to be enjoying every minute.

Although we are sad at Wallace’s new prognosis, we wish the Yori’s and Wallace the best journey possible. Thank you to the Yoris for all you’ve done for both Hector and Wallace and for every pittie everywhere.

Image via Wallace the Pit Bull's YouTube page

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