What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You

What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You


People often choose dogs who are most like them. See which breed you'd be!

  • Poodle. Very aware of appearance and spends much time on grooming. A bit stand-offish, yet highly excitable and prone to drama.
  • Yorkie. Wealthy and attention loving despite protests. Price is no object for what she wants.
  • Golden Retriever. Helpful and giving in relationships. Loyal to the ends of the earth and fun loving. Enjoys swimming.
  • Afghan Hound. Loves to keep her hair long. Soulful, perceptive, and intuitive. Speaks with her eyes.
  • Dachshund. Quirky and unconventional. Loves those who appreciate her uniqueness.
  • Bloodhound. Introverted and insightful. Laid back and goes with the flow. Good investigator.
  • German Shepherd. Disciplined and believes in following the rules. Can be harsh when crossed and unforgiving of misdeeds.
  • Beagle. Pleasant disposition. Open to others’ opinions and beliefs. Unable to tolerate being emotionally hurt. Sometimes confused and misdirected.
  • Boxer. Fights for what she believes in and will not be bullied. Proud and sure of herself.
  • Bulldog. Stubborn, confident, and embracing of her own and others’ imperfections. Tells it like it is and lets it all hang out.
  • Shih Tzu. Prissy and likes to be noticed for her cuteness. Enjoys primping and doesn’t like to get wet.

While these are just generalized impressions, consider if these descriptions fit next time you see a stranger with her dog. The similarities may surprise you.

Image: Garden State Hiker / via Flickr