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Cough Tablets

  • Life Science Cough Tablet

    by: Life Science

    …Science Cough Tablets for Dogs and Cats Features and Benefits:* Expectorant, antitussive and cough suppressant for for dogs and cats* Provides temporary relief of cough symptoms Dosage Instructions:* For small dogs and cats give 1/2 tablet every 4 hours.* For large dogs give 1 tablet every 4 hours.…


    If your canine cutie, or cuddly kitty has a cough, try Life Science Couth Tablets for Dog and Cats. A cough remedy for the temporary relief of cough symptoms in dogs and cats, Life Science Cough Tablets for Dogs and Cats is an effective expectorant, antitussive and cough suppressant. This cough remedy should not be used for puppies or kittens that are less than 3 months of age, or in dogs and cats that weight less than 5 pounds.


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  • Vetmedin Chewable Tablets

    by: Vetmedin

    …congestive heart failure due to atrioventricular valvular insufficiency or dilated cardiomyopathy. Can help to increase quantity of life. Scored tablets are easy to split if necessary. Dilates veins and arteries while directly increasing cardiac output allowing the heart to pump easier. Palatable…


    Vetmedin will help your dog with congestive heart failure to feel better and improve his and her quality and quantity of life. What is Vetmedin? Vetmedin is a veterinary inodilator that works to dilate veins and arteries and increase cardiac output in order to decrease the workload of the dogs failing heart Formulated for: Dogs. Safety studies have not been performed in dogs that are under 6 months. How is this medication given? It is usually recommended to give Vetmedin by mouth twice daily or every twelve hours. However, you should always follow your veterinarians exact instructions. Try to give this medication one hour before meals if possible. How does this medication work? Vetmedin is an inodilator that works in two ways. It dilates veins and arteries which decrease the work that the heart needs to do in order to pump blood. This medication also directly increases cardiac output which further helps the heart to do its job. What results can I expect? Vetmedin can help relieve the symptoms associated with certain types of heart failure. It may take a few weeks to see outward improvement in your dog. This medication will not sure heart disease but will help to increase your dogs comfort and length of life in some cases. What Form(s) does Vetmedin come in? This medication is a tablet that is flavored and chewable. Uses: Vetmedin is used to treat dogs (older than 6 months) with mild, moderate, or severe congestive heart failure due to atrioventricular valvular insufficiency or dilated cardiomyopathy. Generic Name: Pimobendan (drug name) Common brand name: Vetmedin (Boehringer Ingelheim) Dose and Administration: Vetmedin is typically used twice daily or every twelve hours but your veterinarian will determine the exact dosage for your dog. Do not stop the medication or decrease the dose unless instructed to do so by your veterinarian. Vetmedin can be broken in half if necessary. Drug and Food Interactions: Always tell your veterinarian if your dog is taking any other medications, including vitamins and supplements before starting Vetmedin. Drug interactions may occur with verapamil, propranolol, theophylline, and pentoxifylline. This medication should not be decreased or discontinued unless instructed by your veterinarian.

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  • Comfortis for Dogs

    by: Comfortis

    * Flavored tablets can be chewed so they are easy to administer.* Kills fleas before they have the chance to lay eggs and provides protection for one month.* Contains Spinosad which is environmentally friendly. Possible Side Effects: Rarely, side effects have been reported when Comfortis is given at…


    Solve your dogs flea problems and prevent future flea infestations with Comfortis chewable tablets!

    What is Comfortis? Comfortis is a beef-flavored chewable tablet that is given once a month. It works to kill fleas and to prevent and treat flea infestations in dogs.

    Formulated for: Dogs and puppies over 14 weeks of age can receive Comfortis.

    How is this medication given? Comfortis is an oral medication. Since it is flavored and chewable, most dogs take it easily.

    Give this medication with food if possible. You should give another full dose of Comfortis if vomiting happens to occur within one hour of administration.

    Giving Comfortis one month before active flea season starts will help to achieve optimal results. Once fleas become active, it is advised to continue this medication monthly until flea season ends. In regions where fleas are active year-round, this medication may be required monthly every month of the year to ensure adequate flea control.

    Comfortis is available in multiple sizes and your dogs dose will be determined by his/her body weight. If your dog exceeds 120 lbs, you will need to give a combination of the appropriate sizes of medication in order to achieve the best results.

    This medication can be prescribed for your dog by your veterinarian. You should give Comfortis only to the pet that it is prescribed for.

    How does this medication work? Spinosad is the active ingredient in Comfortis. It works to excite the fleas nervous system which causes paralysis. This results in the death of fleas.

    What results can I expect? Once Comfortis is administered, fleas should start to die within 30 minutes. Each dose remains effective for one month (30 days).

    If Comfortis is given to your dog and he/she is infested with fleas, it is possible for fleas to linger beyond 30 days. This is because immature fleas in the environment still have the opportunity to hatch.

    Comfortis is one key part of a good flea prevention program. Speak with your veterinarian about other precautions you can take to rid your dog of fleas and to prevent future infestations.

    What Form(s) does Comfortis come in? This medication is available as a chewable tablet with beef flavoring. Different strengths are available ranging from 140 mg (5-10 lbs) to 1620 mg (60.1-120 lbs). The dose of medication your dog requires is based on his/her body weight.

    Generic Name: Spinosad (Common Drug Name)

    Common Brand Name: Comfortis (Lilly)

    Dose and Administration: Comfortis is generally given once a month but always follow your veterinarians directions. It is recommended to give Comfortis chewable tablets with food.

    Comfortis chewable tablets may be chewed, offered in food, or administered directly in the mouth like other medications.

    If your pet vomits his/her medication within 1 hour of administration, you can repeat the dose.

    Ideally, it is recommended to start giving Comfortis one month before fleas become active. After that, this medication should be given monthly through the end of the flea season.

    If fleas are common in your area year-round, continue Comfortis monthly all 12 months of the year.

    If there are fleas in the home, all pets should be treated with appropriate flea medication. Fleas need to be on your dog for this medication to kill them. Talk to your vet about other strategies you can use to eliminate flea infestations from your home.

    Only give this medication to the pet that your veterinarian prescribes it for. If you are unsure of how to use this medication correctly, contact your veterinarian.

    Uses: Comfortis is used to kill fleas and to prevent flea infestations in dogs for a full month.

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